10+best Inspirational moral stories for students

10+best Inspirational moral stories for students

Lazy Child  moral story in english

In a village, a wealthy moneylender lived with his wife and son.

His son’s name was Sumit, he was very lazy while the moneylender was very hardworking.

He used to visit the Shiva temple every morning before sunrise and after that he used to walk around his fields and where his work was spread.

The moneylender was very upset with his son’s sluggishness, then one day –

The moneylender (to his son) – Get up son, walk in the fields with me and do some work.

Son – not now, father, let me sleep now

The moneylender went to the fields alone after getting upset and after some time the health of the moneylender started deteriorating and he died within a few days.

Even after the moneylender died, his lazy son did not pay attention to the business, which caused a lot of loss in his business.

Seeing this, Sumit’s mother said to her very sadly –

Mother (from her son) – Son, we are suffering a lot in business.

Son – So what can I do in this? Where do I understand the business? I have not even gone to the farm with my father till date.

Mother – do one thing, your maternal grandfather lives in another village, he has a lot of understanding of this business, you go and meet him, he will surely have some solution for this.

Son – ok mother, I will leave tomorrow.

Next morning Sumit went to Nana

Sumit – Pranam Nana ji

Nana – be happy tell me son how come

Sumit – After the passing of father, we are suffering a lot of loss in business, mother told you that you have a lot of understanding of business, so now you can find a solution to my problem.

Nana – Your mother is absolutely right, son, I have a solution for your problem.

All you have to do is to go to the Shiva temple every morning before the sun rises like your father and after that as far as your work is spread there you have to do it every day.

From the very next day, Sumit started getting up before the sun rose and first went to the Shiva temple and then went to the place where his work was spread.

He used to go to the farm every morning and then to the ration shop and then to the buffaloes.

It continued like this for a long time, seeing the workers coming to work every day, the workers started talking among themselves and said –

Laborers – You have seen the bosses are now coming to see work every day

Second laborer – yes it seems that now we have to stop this scam.

Laborer – You are right otherwise we will get stuck.

Slowly, all the workers saw that Sumit started walking around his shop and fields every day and for fear of being caught, the workers stopped scamming.

Due to the closure of the scam, the loss of business also stopped and slowly Sumit and his mother became as rich as before and Sumit told his mother –

Sumit – look mother we became rich as before

Mother – You are right, son, you should thank your grandfather

And then Sumit went to his maternal grandfather and obeyed his mother and told Nana –

Sumit – Nana ji Bohot Bohot Thank you because of you our business started running again and we became rich again as before.

Nanaji – son, I did nothing in it, you have done everything in it.

Sumit – Nana ji, I did not understand anything.

Nanaji – All this was happening due to your laziness, because of your highness you were not paying attention in your business, taking advantage of which your workers were scamming in the business.

Now because you start going to work every day, your workers stopped scam and your work went on due to fear of being caught.

Hearing this, Sumit realized his mistake and gave up laziness and started managing his business very diligently.

Education – Halt is a bad problem, so we should give up our work and do our work on time.


Boastful man Short story in English

Only two things were famous in Sehore district of Sarangpur. One is the maize growing there and the other one is the Raghu feat.

Raghu was the first one to make keys for people’s locks, but by making the keys, Raghu achieved such a mastery that he could unlock any lock with just a pen.

Now he was called from village to village, he was becoming famous day by day for showing the game of unlocking without key.

Slowly Raghu’s pride was increasing.

The king had a dear son, his name was Prince, he was going to win the game of chess on his own tip. The prince had heard the name of Raghu feat a lot and he also knew about his exploits.

One day Raghu reached the court of the king’s feat. As soon as the king reached the court, Raghu started hitting a lot of tricks.

As soon as Raghu reached the court, he said, “Pranam Maharaj, I am compelled to have no lock that I cannot open.” Or suppose that there is no lock that I cannot open. Even if you believe me. “

The king listened carefully to Raghu’s words and said, “Your crown prince will test you”.

Hearing this, Raghu said happily, “Whatever you lock, I will open it, if you lock me in a cupboard and throw it in the river, I will also open it.” “

Hearing this, Yuvraj found a way to break Raghu’s pride. He once again asked Raghu “Are you sure?” “

Raghu was no longer retreating. He also gave “Ji Yuvraj”

On this matter, the crown prince also placed a condition, “If you win, we will give you 1000 gold coins in the prize, but if you lose you will never show your feat. Do you approve “

Raghu’s confidence had grown so much that now he was not ready to back down. He said again, “Mr. Crown Prince”

The crown prince says to Raghu “Then come to the pond tomorrow morning. “

The next day a lot of crowd gathered at the pond. Yuvraj came with Maharaj, Raghu also came.

Now Yuvraj was ready to challenge Rako. He said, “The exam is very easy. You will be locked in this cupboard.” The cupboard will be put in the pond, you just have to come out of the cupboard showing your awesome and come to the surface of the pond. “

Shivraj also said for Raghu’s safety that “If you cannot open the lock and you have accepted your defeat, you will push the cupboard with the hardness of your hands and pull the cupboard out immediately. “

Raghu was so proud of his duty of opening the lock that he too gave it with pride, “I will not need it, I am ready”

Raghu went inside the cupboard and the soldiers started putting the cupboard inside the pond.

As soon as the water started coming in the cupboard, Raghu took out a purse from his pocket and started trying to open the cupboard.

He folded the pin, but the door of the cupboard was not opening. Despite trying so much, the door was not opening from Raghu.

Raghu was waiting for all the people of the village.

After all, Raghu replaced the door of the cupboard with his stiff necklace. Immediately the soldiers pulled the cupboard.

After Raghu came out of the water, the crown prince said to Raghu, “What happened, Raghu, you were boasting so much brawl, it was said that your skills. You were proud of yourself, what happened, all the pride was broken. “

Raghu’s head bowed with shame “Till date it has never happened that I could not open any lock, this is the first time. Raghu said.

King Yuvraj says to the defeated Raghu “That is why there was no lock in this cupboard of Q. “

Raghu still does not understand. Raghu quickly questioned “What do you mean? “

Yuvraj replied, “I wanted you to open any lock, that’s why I did not lock this cupboard.” “

Yuvraj also gave the solution to open that cupboard. “It took just strength to open the door of this cupboard because it was closed very well. “

Yuvraj also explained why Raghu could not open that lock. He said, “You did not even think of opening the door because of your pride, you were just trying to open its lock.” “

Yuvraj gave the reason for doing all this. “I did all this not for everyone to come or win you, but to break your pride. “

In the end, King Yuvraj praised Raghu and said that “Your horror is infinite but you are becoming arrogant. It was wrong”

After listening to Yuvraj, Raghu realizes that he has done very wrong. Raghu is ashamed of his actions. Raghu apologizes to the king, the crown prince and everyone in the village.

Lesson: –  Our pride is only loss.


King and silly monkey moral story for kids

Once there was a king he went for hunting, he found a monkey who was sitting on a tree and plucking fruit from the tree and giving it to the king.

The king liked this thing and took the monkey to the palace.

Now wherever the king went, he would go with the monkey king, he became his best friend.

Even after becoming a friend of the king, that monkey was very foolish. Being the king’s favorite, he was allowed to go everywhere in the palace without any hindrance.

He was respected in the royal palace. Even he could comfortably come to the king’s room, where even the servants of the king were not allowed to come and go.

One day the king was sleeping comfortably in his room and was guarding the monkey king near his bed.

At the same time, the monkey saw that a fly came and sat on the king’s nose.

The monkey banished him once, after a while, the fly again sat on the nose of the king, the monkey again drove him away from his hands.

After a while the monkey saw again, the fly came again and sat on the king’s nose.

The king’s sleep was deteriorating due to the repeated arrival of the fly and this was making the monkey angry.

He got angry and tried to kill the fly, but she used to fly again and again.

The king had a sword with the monkey. The monkey raised that sword and looked for a chance to kill the fly.

After some time, the fly came again and this time again sat on the king’s nose.

The monkey was already ready, he saw no avail and attacked the fly with a sword.

The king’s nose was cut but he was badly injured.

Learning: – Beware of silly friends, they can do more damage than your enemy.


Intelligent teaman Story in English For Kids

There used to be a tea man named Harish in a village named Baghpur.

He had a ready made tea.

Many types of people used to come in his ready.

One is inexpensive to have tea, on top of that he used to get some free Khor friends or some hungry thirsty would come to his shop.

Seeing this, Harish would give them tea too and Harish was upset about this.

Harish tells his wife as soon as he reaches home.

Harish: Take this today’s rupee, today you have received the same money again, even after working so hard, there is no earning. You can get only ₹ 1 in 1 tea and sometimes some free Khor friend or a hungry thirsty person comes all the way.

Hear this, Harish’s wife says.

Suman: – It is a virtuous work to give tea to a hungry thirsty person and he has free cravings and he also eats his luck. You don’t think too much about it, I cook for you.

Harish does not think much about it.

Tea ready is a place where people meet and talk to each other on the pretext of tea. The tea-seller Harish gives them tea and listens intently to their sorrow and pain.

One day some people are talking about green tea ready.

First customer (Bhola) Bhola, I need some money. One, my wife is ill and if I want to go to the hospital with her, then I need some money.

I have not received my salary, another customer Suman, otherwise I would have given it to you, why do you not ask Harish bro to see it.

Bhola asks Harish bro, brother, will you have ₹ 500, I have to go to the hospital with my wife.

Harish bro gives money to Bhola.

After a few days Bhola comes back with money and gives it to Harish bro.

Thank you, Bhola, brother, you helped me a lot during my trouble, Harish brother.

Harish is very happy to hear this. He is about to keep his money that a man comes and says.

Customer brother, I need ₹ 200 so can you give me some time, I will return to you the day after tomorrow.

Harish also gives him money.

After some two-three days, the man comes to Harish bro’s ready and returns Harish’s ₹ 200.

The same evening a man comes and says Harish bro, Bhola has sent me can you lend me ₹ 1000?

Harish says brother, I have helped Bhola like this.

Then the man says (crying) says Harish bro help me, I will give you back the money tomorrow.

Harish bro don’t cry, take this money and give it to him.

After giving the money, Harish is afraid that the man should not run away with the money. The next morning, the man comes to the truth and returns the bundle of notes to Harish. When Harish counts the money, Harish tells the man that he got ₹ 200 more.

Harish bro, I only gave you thousand rupees and you gave me ₹ 200 more, you keep this ₹ 200 back.

Then the man says no brother, keep this ₹ 200 only. You have helped me a lot by giving money. You keep this, when you are used to it, then use this money. Yes, brother, you keep this money.

Harish keeps ₹ 200 separately in his top pocket. As soon as Harish goes home, his wife Suman is happy to see Jalebi in his hand.

Suman (says happily) Oh wow! Today you have brought Jalebi, my favorite  Jalebi. I had not eaten for 4 months.

Suman asks Hari how to bring Jalebi today ?

Harish I had helped a man a few days ago by giving him a thousand rupees. In return, he gave me ₹ 200 more and gave me a profit of ₹ 200.

Suman gets happy on hearing this.

Suman (happily) says, “Hey there, I saw the result of doing well.

Harish gets happy after getting ₹ 200, in that affair Harish is unable to sleep overnight and starts thinking that on his ready many such people cry for money why not if I lend money to others and in return, If I take extra money from people, then a new source of my earnings will start.

From the next morning, Harish used to focus not only on making tea, but also on the things of the people. Some people would ask Harish for the help of money, otherwise Harish would have offered his help by himself, gradually it spread that Harish would give money to the people and would take some more money in return.

Gradually, she turned the money into a charger. Initially, Harish used to keep some amount in his pocket and by noon, he would have filled the pocket. She bought a new vault but after some time the vault also started falling.

A small tea ready then turned into a big shop, the business of Harish Chai was left on the side and the money transaction business started running loudly. Now people started coming to Harish Chai Wale for money transactions.

One day Dinayal comes to brother Harish and says.

Deendayal Harish bro can you lend me some money? My daughter is married.

Harish Deendayal, please give it anytime. Your daughter is our daughter too, get married happily.

Harish Chai Wale had a feeling of no help, rather he was a very good man. After some time, he created respect in the four villages around him that when the next head of the village was elected, the people named Harish bro as the head. Put it ahead.

Harish teaman refused but no one believed. All those whom Harish helped inadvertently helped him become the head of the village by winning him with a huge vote. teaman’s wife was very happy to see her husband as the main one.

Suman (Harish’s wife), what magic have you done, directly from the teaman.

What should I tell Harish Suman, I know only one thing. No matter how small a person is, life gives him a chance to move forward. If he takes advantage of it with his intelligence, then a person can win even the biggest battle.


Honesty reward Short Moral Story in english

A long time ago, a painter lived in a small village called Papula.

He was very honest, but being very poor, he used to do paintwork from house to house.

His income was a lot of work, very hard he used to go to his house.

Even after working hard for the whole day, he was able to get only two bread.

He always wanted that he should get some big work which would improve his income.

But he also used to do small tasks with great dedication and honesty.

One day he was called by the village Landlord and said.

Landlord: –  Listen Babulal, I have called you here for very important work, will you do that work?

Babulal: – I will definitely do it, tell me what is the work?

Landlord: – I want you to paint my boat, and this work should be done today.

Babulal: – Yes, I will do this work today.

Babulal Bohot was happy to get the job of painting the boat

Landlord: – Oh that is all right, tell me how much money will be taken for this work?

Babulal: – Well it takes 1500 of this work, give the rest what you like.

Landlord: – Hmm okay you will get 1500 but the work should be good.

Babulal: – Sir, do not worry, you will get good work.

The Landlord takes Babulal to the banks of the river to show the boat, after seeing the boat Babulal asks the landlord for some time and goes to get his goods.

As soon as Babulal arrives, he starts coloring the boat. He saw when Babulal was coloring the boat.

Babulal: – Hey there is a hole in this boat, in such a way this boat will sink.

Having said that, he fills the hole and paints Nav.

Then he goes to the Landlord and says.

Babulal: – The work of the Huzur boat is complete, you should take a look.

Landlord: – Come right.

Then both of them reach the river bank, seeing the boat the landowner speaks.

Landlord: – Oh, wow, Babulal, you have done a very good job, so do you come tomorrow morning and take your wages.

Babulal: – Okay, Hazur.

And then they both go to their respective homes.

The family of the Landlord goes to roam the river the next day in the same boat.

In the evening Ramu, the landlord’s servant who also took care of his boat, returns from vacation.

And not seeing the family at home, asks the landlord about the family.

The Landlord tells him the matter, Ramu gets worried after hearing the landlord, seeing him worried, the landlord asks:

Landlord: – What happened Ramu, why did you get worried after hearing this?

Ramu: – Sarkar, but there was a hole in that boat.

The Landlord also gets worried after listening to Ramu.

That’s when his family comes back for a full day’s fun.

Seeing them safe, the Landlord breathes peace.

Then the next day the Landlord calls Babulal and says.

Landlord: – Take this, Babulal, your labor, you have done a great job, I am very happy.

Babulal counts with money and he is surprised because he had more money, he tells the Landlord.

Babulal: – Hazur, you have given me more money.

Landlord: – No, Babulal, I did not give it by mistake, it is your hard-earned money.

Babulal: – But there was talk of 1500 between us, Hazur, this is 6000, so how did this happen to my hard work?

Landlord: – Because you have done a great job.

Babulal: – How is the work done?

Landlord: – You filled the hole of this boat, I did not even know about it, if you wanted to, you could leave it like this, or ask for more money for it,

But you did not do it at all, because of which my family could safely ride that boat, if you did not fill that hole then my family could have drowned, today they are safe because of you, so this money is your hard work And are of integrity.

Babulal: – However, even then, it does not make much money to fill this hole.

Landlord: – Just Babulal, just don’t say anything now, this money belongs to you, you keep it.

Babulal was very much happy after listening to the landlord and taking the money and started saying.

Babulal: -, thank you very much Landlord sir.

Having said this, he happily left from there.

Moral of the story: – This story teaches us that we should do our work with utmost sincerity and honesty.


Heron’s moral Very short story for kids

There was an ordinary shepherd in Japan. His name was Musai. One day he was grazing the cows. A heron came flying and fell near his feet. Mosesai lifted the heron. Probably the eagle had wounded the heron. The red feathers of blood were on the white wings. Poor bird. There was a tearing face again and again.

Mosesai lovingly turned his hand on him. Taking him near the water, washed his wings. Poured some water into the beak. The bird got courage. He flew in a while. A few days later A beautiful rich girl prayed to Musai’s mother and she was married to Musai.

Mosesai was very happy, her woman was very good. She used to serve Mosesai and her mother very diligently. She used to do all the household work on her own. She used to walk around. She did not have to put her hand in any work of the house.

A matter of luck – there was a famine in the country. Nothing happened in the fields. In search of wages, Mosesai came to Tokyo with mother and woman. Where do you get wages soon? Moussaai had spent his money. He had to fast. Then his lady said – “I will make the muslin. You sell it. But when I add the muslin boon, no one comes to my room.”

There was nothing in Musaey’s understanding. He did not know how to make his woman muslin? But Musaiah was straightforward. He had complete faith in his woman. His woman had never said a lie before. Then there was no money nearby. Somehow, if you find a way to get some money, then work of the house is done.

Musaai obeyed the woman’s voice. When the woman did not ask for anything, what was the harm in accepting her? She told her mother that when her woman closes her room, no one should call her and neither do her Go to the room too. Light muslin like milk and small red splashes on it – The muslin made by the woman of Mosesai was amazing. It shone like silk.

It was very tender. When Musai went to sell it, King Mikado himself bought the muslin. Mosesai found gold pieces. Now Mosesai became rich. His woman would make muslin and he would sell it.

One day Musai thought – ‘My lady does not take any cotton, nor color. How does she make the muslin? ‘

Mosesai went to look through the window in secret, when the woman had closed the room to make the muslin. Mosesai saw that there is no woman inside. A light heron is sitting. He pulls a thin wire through his wings and weaves muslin.

He has a wound around his neck. The blood of the wound he sprinkles on the claw cloth and splashes. Mosesai understood that the heron has become a woman and is giving revenge for the favor.

Musai was surprised. A small heron has given such a revenge for benevolence; Thinking this filled his heart. Tears welled up in his eyes. That is where the limit is left. She forgot the fact that her lady has forbidden that no one should come to see her while weaving muslin.

He does not even remember why he stands there. At the same time, the mother of Mosesai called. Mosesai spoke. Heron startled and flew through the window.

Moral of story – One who has mercy on the living beings must have great benefit.


Jalebi man story with moral lesson

Lalu used to live in a village. Lalu used to make Jalebi and Rage would have a line of Jalebi eaters at Lalu’s shop from morning to evening.

Even people from far away villages used to come to eat his jalebi.

Lalu was very happy in his life with his fame.

Once a man was eating Jalebi in Lalu’s shop, Jalebi had liked that man.

The man said to Lalu Jalebi, “Lalu, why don’t you make creamy rabri along with Jalebi, Jalebi is famous for you, and if Rabri had become one, then the crowd of people would have increased.” “

Jalebi people used to come to make Jalebi only.

Lalu said, “Brother, I only know how to make jalebi. “

The man said, “If you want, then you keep a confectioner. If you can’t find the pastry then I can mix you with a pastry tomorrow, which makes very good creamy rabri.” “

Lalu is keenly listening to the man thinking that “his jalebi is being sold and if a rabri maker comes along, his shop will become more famous and the work should be increased.” “

The next morning the man introduces the Rabri making confectioner to Lalu and the work of making Rabri also starts.

Now both Jalebi and Rabri started selling at Lalu’s shop. Every customer started tasting both. There was a desire to eat Rabri with Jalebi and customers also liked Rabri along with Jalebi.

Jalebi and Rabri tasted a lot to customers.

Gradually the Rabri one also learns to make Jalebi with Lalu.

A few days pass. One day Rabriwala comes to Lalu and says, “I am going to the city for a few days to get some stuff.” “

The next morning, Lalu’s shop gets crowded with customers.

Just looking at Jalebi in Lalu’s shop, customers started asking Lalu “Brother Lalu, are you not making Rabri today?” “

Lalu said, “The confectioner making the rabri has been preserved for some work, it will come in a few days. “

On hearing Lalu’s words, customers leave from there.

Gradually, Lalu’s customers stop coming to the shop and Lalu gets worried.

Just then, a customer sees Lalu in worry and comes to his shop and asks Lalu, “What happened, Lalu Bhai, you seem very worried?” “

Lalu says, “What can I tell brother, today my jalebi is not sold and today it has been 6 days, Rabri Wala has not come. “

The customer gets confused after listening to Lalu.

To allay Lalu’s concern, the customer gives him Jalebi and Rabri from a nearby village and says, “Taste this creamy rabri and Jalebi, look at Lalu Bhai I have brought from a nearby village.” “

Lalu eats Jalebi and he recognizes the taste of Jalebi.

Lalu eats Jalebi and gets into thinking and says, “This Jalebi and Rabri are made just like us.” “

Lalu tells that customer, “Brother, can you tell me this, from whose shop did Jalebi bring it?” “

Then Lalu goes to another village and sees that the same confectioner who was at his shop is making Rabri and Jalebi at another shop today.

And there the other man who introduced him to the confectioner is making jalebi.

Seeing this, Lalu is shocked and realizes that together they made Lalu’s owl and attracted all the customers eating Jalebi.

Lesson:- Never stop believing on a stranger, you should always trust with understanding.


Mother taught the lesson । short good moral story

Once upon a time, there used to be a woman named Rupa in a city, it had been many years for Rupa’s husband.

Rupa had a son named Chirag. Rupa lived in the city with her mother and Chirag.

Chirag used to stay with his grandmother and Chirag’s grandmother used to talk with her while doing all the household work.

All the responsibility of the house was on Nani and Rupa kept busy in the shop.

Chirag returned home after playing Chirag one evening after school due to his grandmother’s mother and Rupa’s day being busy, leaving Chirag with school to play with a friend.

Chirag returned home and said to his maternal grandmother, “All my friends have gone home. I am bored”

Granny used to say very affectionately to mother Chirag “So why don’t you help your mother in running the shop”

Chirag is happy to hear this and immediately sets out for the shop.

Chirag arrives at the shop. Rupa also gets very happy to see Chirag come to help her at the shop and asks her to sit on her neck.

Chirag is also very happy. Rupa used to give goods to customers and Chirag used to take money.

From the next day Chirag used to go to help Roopa daily.

One day Chirag’s friend came to the shop his name was Ravi. Chirag took leave from the shop that day and went to play with his friend.

The next day after school, Ravi started meeting Chirag everyday. Ravi started growing his friendship with Chirag.

Chirag and Ravi had now become good friends, roamed together and used to laugh and play.

Ravi told Chirag while playing the game, “Chirag, even after having such a big shop, you did not feed me chocolate. “

Ravi felt bad after hearing this and he also said, “Okay friend, I will bring chocolate for you every day from tomorrow.” “

From the next day Chirag started stealing chocolate everyday from the shop. Ravi and Chirag started eating chocolate every day, this trend continued for several days.

One day, Rupa’s knowledge fell on the chocolates, and he saw the chocolates were decreasing day by day, but the chocolates were not being sold at all.

That day, Rupa looked at the box of chocolates and saw that Chirag took out two chocolates and kept them in his pocket.

After some time Chirag left the shop and today Rupa secretly chased him, like today, Chirag went to Ravi and the two started eating chocolate together.

Rupa came out and grabbed Chirag’s ear and took her ear and brought it home.

Seeing Roopa Kochira’s ear so angry, Roopa’s mane asked, “What happened that caught his ear and brought it home?” “

Rupa said angrily “Mother today Chirag stole from her own shop”

Hearing this, Chirag’s grandmother asked Rupa to go inside.

As soon as Rupa went inside, she told her grandmother everything in the lamp.

Nani explained to Chirag “If a friend tells you to steal, he is not your true friend, such friends try to take advantage of you.” “

Hearing about Chirag’s death, he went to his mother crying and said to her, “I will never steal from now on”

Learned a good lesson in lamp that day and stopped stealing and bad company.


The wolf came moral story for children

There lived a devil boy in a village. He did not care about anything.

He used to do devils with the people of the village all the time.

Her family members were very upset with her habits. Because of that his father gave him the job of grazing sheep.

But there too his devilishness did not diminish.

One day when the sheep started getting fed by the sheep, they thought of a devil.

The boy ran towards the village and shouted “Save the wolf came, the wolf came”

After listening to his voice, all the people of the village leave their hand work and run away.

Seeing their escape, the boy is very much mistaken.

They get angry at the actions of that boy from poor village and return to their work.

A few days pass. The devil boy begins to shatter the same wolf.

The villagers then hear his voice and run for help.

But that devil boy is signed on him again.

They get angry at the actions of that poor villager and then return to their work.

A few days later, when the boy is resting while grazing the sheep, then suddenly the voice of the wolf is heard.

The boy is frightened to hear the voice of the real wolf.

In a few moments the wolf reaches them. The boy looks at the wolf, climbs to a nearby tree and starts shouting “Save the wolf came, the wolf came”

The villagers hear her scream but no one comes to help her.

The wolf devours all the sheep of the boy one by one.

The poor boy keeps crying with his hands on his head.

He loses all his sheep because of a lie.

Lesson: – Nobody believes the liar’s words.


Greedy watchman Story with moral lesson

The owner of the Taj Mahal, a stately palace in a city, was named Saxena.

A watchman named Saxena Manohar was hired.

Saxena used to visit him outside the city for his work, he used to stay in his villa for a few days.

Saxena was a very gentle and noble hearted person. Saxena was also very happy with the watchman’s service.

Saxena’s luxurious bungalows housed a variety of expensive paintings and sculptures. Manohar would go to the bungalow daily and clean the bungalow.

One day when Saxena goes out of town for a few days for some work, Manohar rents the bungalows.

This was not the first time that Manohar had hired a bungalow, Manohar had done this many times before. This was Manohar’s top earning and Saxena was not aware of this at all.

Time passed and seeing Manohar Saxena’s bungalows for hire and earning money and the demand to hire that villa also increased.

One day a man named Sharma arrives to take that bungalow to the fence.

Sharma: –  Watchman, you rent this bungalow.

Watchman: – Yes

Sharma ji: – My daughter is married. I want this bungalow for three days to be rented for my guests. What is the freight for a day.

Manohar becomes happy after listening for three days.

Watchman: – Although 1 day is 10,000, but if you stay together for 3 days, then in total, 25000.

Sharma: – Ok, now we have to give so much of this luxurious bungalow.

Sharma ji promises to give the rest later, seeing Manohar at 15000 advances.

Manohar becomes silver by giving so much money.

A few days later Mr. Sharma returned and he also gave the remaining 10,000 to Manohar. Mr. Sharma was accompanied by some of his guests.

Manohar showed the bungalow to the guest and asked him to take care of the precious things there. The guest stayed in that bungalow for 3 days.

There used to be some function in the bungalows every night. Three days later all the guests went away one by one.

Manohar was happy as he got a lot of money. Manohar, as usual, goes to clean the bungalow.

As soon as Manohar went inside the bungalow, he saw that all the valuables in that bungalow were missing. He panicked and wept, Manohar Manan started contemplating, “What was that painting and where did that gold idol all disappear, sir, all of them brought from the phone, what will I do now.” If the police is compliant, sir will know everything what I have done.

Manohar got caught in his own greed.

Lesson: – We should never be lured.


Sweet seller moral story in english

There used to be a sweets shop named Dholu in a village, it had a big sweets shop.

His sweets were famous all over the village.

Sweet seller: – Which kind of dessert would you like to give.

One day the village moneylender’s son had a wedding, so he comes to the shop of the moneylender Dholu.

Moneylender: – My son is married, I want 50 kilos of sweets.

Sweet seller:- Yes, moneylender, you will get your sweets in time.

Dholu takes all the goods from the market and gets engaged in his work as soon as nightfall.

The scent of sweet flies comes in a while and starts eating sweets.

Seeing the flies eating sweets, the sweet man tries his best to drive the flies away.

The flies run away from there but return again after some time.

Seeing the flies coming back and eating sweets, he says, “O God, these flies used to come back, I have tasted spades right now.” “

Sweet sellers used to run the flies again and again. But the flies fly from there and sit on the desert again.

Seeing this, the wife of the sweetheart says, “Hey, poor flies will be very hungry. We should help them. Let them eat some sweet.” “

When the sweetheart and his wife are letting the bees eat the sweets, a member of the village sees them through the window.

On the second day, some moneylender men come and take the sweets.

The next day Dholu and his wife are resting at home, then suddenly all the people of the village come and ask Dholu to come out of her house.

The moneylender fires because the villagers fell ill after eating dholu sweets.

The moneylender angrily said to the sweetheart, “Today the whole village became ill because of you. “

But Dholu would refuse to accept all this and say “I did nothing. “

Then how is the member of the village “I have seen flies eating sweets with my eyes.”

All the people and moneylenders of the village get angry and start beating Dholu.

Seeing Dholu being killed, his wife thinks in his heart, “God, what has happened, we were helping the flies.” “

Moral: – We should think about the consequences before doing anything.

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