10 Best motivational stories with moral for childrens

10 Best motivational stories with moral for childrens

Hard work or wisdom motivational story

Amit and Abhinav had two friends, both of them were very close friends, after the completion of studies, both of them got a job at the same place. After getting the job, both of them talk to each other in the canteen.

Amit: – After years of hard work, finally both of us got the job, now we will freeze here too.

Innovation: – Yes, we will get a promotion in just a few years.

Amit: – Promotion must be met, we who work so hard, even our bosses will not be able to refuse us.

Both of them are reluctant on this matter.

Innovation: Come on, lunch break is over, we should go.

After eating both the food, they start working on their work, now they have passed a year, the time for promotion has also come, which they are eagerly waiting for.

Amit (laughing): Abhinav I think, this year I will get a promotion only, you prepare for the next year.

Abhinav: Why not, but I think that this year I will get promotion only for you to do next year (yer say laughing). Ok good cool boss has come.

In this case, the bosses of both come. In the promotion, his boss walks away from him by taking the name of Basav Abhinav, Amit is shocked by not listening to his name in the promotion and he gets very angry, when Abhinav speaks to him.

Abhinav: No matter Amit it happens, you too have worked very hard, maybe our boss may not have liked anything, but you will definitely get a promotion the next time you see it.

Without saying anything, Amit goes out of it, and starts thinking about sitting on his seat.

Amit: – I also worked hard throughout the year, but why did Abhinav get promotion only? Why can’t I do this, I will leave this job today.

Amit angrily asks the boss to leave the job.

Amit: – I cannot do this job, I want to leave this job today.

Boss: – But why, what happened to you all of a sudden.

Amit: – Sir, I have been working hard for the last one year. I and Abhinav came to work together but why the promotion just to Abhinav. This is totally wrong sir, it seems you only promote those who flatter you.

In anger, Amit tells his boss such wrong things that he should not have said. The boss hears his sari talk carefully and then speaks.

Boss: – Look, Amit, I know that you have worked hard but not as much as you should have done.

Amit: – I know how hard I have worked. I just don’t want to do this.

Boss: – Ok, I will give you promotion as well and good salary from Abhinav but you will have to do one of my work.

Amit: – Okay, I will.

Boss: – Go to the market or find out who is selling mangoes.

Amit: – Okay.

After a while Amit returns from the market and tells his boss.

Amit: Sir, only one man is selling mangoes in the market.

Boss: – Ok, now go and find out how many rupees a mango is getting.

After hearing this, Amit goes to the market again and comes back after finding out the price of mangoes.

Amit: Sir, we are getting fifty rupees of mangoes in the market.

Boss: – Okay, now I will do the same to Abhinav.

The boss calls Abhinav and sends him to the market. After hearing all, Abhinav goes to the market and goes to find the price of mangoes.

After finding out, Abhinav returns from the market and tells his boss.

Abhinav: Sir, only one man is selling mangoes in the market. If we buy all the mangoes from him, he will give us all the mangoes in 60 rupees kg, he has 60 kilos of mangoes. If we sell all the mangoes in the market for 50 rupees, then we will get a lot of profit.

Amit is very surprised to hear Abhinav and he realizes his mistake.

He comes to know that nothing happens just by working hard, we should also use our wisdom. Amit gives up the matter of quitting his job and decides to work by staying the same.

Moral: – We should always use our intelligence while working. Work is always good when hard work and wisdom are combined.


Poor flight motivational kids story

In a small village there used to be a woman named Saku Bai. She was very poor.

Saku Bai used to live in a rented house with her son. Her husband had passed for 2 years.

Saku Bai’s son’s name was Rajesh. Rajesh was very promising in studies.

After the passing of her husband, all the responsibility of running the house came to Saku Bai’s head, as well as the burden of education of Rajesh.

Saku Bai always thought that her son should become a big officer.

When Saku Bai used to work, Rajesh would go with her and go to the house of Sakhubai and wash utensils, then she would make food somewhere.

Rajesh used to read the newspaper which came to the house of the people sitting.

One day when Rajesh started reading the newspaper, a mistress said angrily, “Hey Rajesh, will you become a great officer after reading the newspaper? It will be better if you help the mother’s work, at least it will help her.” “

Rajesh also lovingly replied, “Mistress, I have to become a big officer. I have to become a collector, so we cannot take books, so I read newspapers for more knowledge. “

Mistress laughs loudly “You and the collector have seen your face. “

Saku Bai felt bad about it and both of them left.

Saku Bai started the work of making rotis at weddings. She used to make 15-20 kg loaves alone. For this, she started her work at 3:00 am and Rajesh would get up with her and help the mother’s mother. Used to do his studies.

Rajesh used to study under the lantern and his mother also made rotis in the light of the same lantern.

In the same way, Rajesh studied hard for the next few years, and seeing the passion of Rajesh always topped the class, his Guruji advised him to go to Delhi and Rajesh took the responsibility to raise his own expenses.

Rajesh was now 22 years old. Rajesh went to Delhi and studied a lot, for hours I kept reading books in the library.

One day when the exam time came, he was stung by a carriage.

Rajesh fell to the ground with injuries to his head and left arm.

Rajesh used to write with a left hand since childhood. He thought that if he goes to the hospital now, he will not be able to give the exam.

Taking a step, Rajesh reached the exam center and completed the exam by writing the entire exam with his right hand and then went to the hospital for his treatment.

Rajesh also continued his studies in the hospital and went for an interview. After giving the interview, Rajesh went back to his mother’s village for a few days.

After a few days, on the day of the result, the mother bought the newspaper and asked Rajesh to see the result, Rajesh shouted loudly after seeing the result and said, “I have become the mother.” “

On hearing this, Rajesh’s mother’s tears came from her and both of them started crying.

Lesson: – We should always work hard to achieve our goal, whether the world laughs at us or makes fun of us, we should always pursue our goal, success is definitely achieved.


Clever goat moral story for children

A goat named Neelu lived in a farmer’s house in Nawapur village. He had three children.

She was always worried about her children.

There was a dense forest on the banks of the village.

The goat was always worried that the children would not know when the children would go out to the forest while playing and not fall prey to any wild animal.

With the worry of this, the goat always used to teach them that never go into that forest.

But one day, a goat kid hears talking to the farmer bringing the fodder to the child, that such a green grass is littered all around in the forest.

Hearing this, the child wishes to see green grass all around and he silently sets out alone towards the forest.

When the mother goat learns this, she gets worried and immediately goes out to find her child.

On the other hand, while playing goat child, it reaches a distance in the forest just a few minutes away, that three to four hyena come and surround it, seeing that the goat child remembers his mother by shouting loudly.

All hyena laughs to see this.

First hyena: Wow, what a fresh fresh item I wish I had got it the day after tomorrow.

Second hyena: – Why?

First hyena: – It was my birthday the day before yesterday, the party would have been more colorful.

Second hyena: – Never mind the billed birthday party.

That’s when the mother of the goat arrives.

Second hyena: – Looks like the billed birthday party is going to be an overweight party.

Third hyena: – 1 kilo free with two hundred and fifty grams

Everyone starts laughing.

Mother goat: – Just – don’t laugh too much or else Lion Raj will come and eat all four of you.

Together the four hyena asks: – Why?

Mother Goat: – What do you think, why did I leave it here alone? Sher Raj had ordered that I should not move from my place with my child until Sher Raj comes and if you have eaten it or anything except me, Sher Raj will not leave all four of you alive.

First hyena: – How would Sher Raj know that we ate you?

The mother goat cunningly replies: – Do you consider the lion raj as stupid, you are the king of the jungle! Look, the elephant raj has been monitoring us.

At the same time elephants move their trunks. Seeing this, the hyena is convinced that the elephant is monitoring them.

Mother goat: – Now if you want, now you can eat both of us.

Hearing this, all four hysterics get worried and start talking among themselves.

First hyena: – Man, elephant will keep telling about us.

Second Hyena: – What to do

Third hyena: – If the same life is saved, snatching the morsel from the mouth of the lion found millions has become a lion’s morsel, let’s go.

Saying that the four hyena go away from there. The child’s life is saved as soon as the goat goes, the mother goat takes her child and runs back to her village.

Now she has moved a little further, only when a lion comes in front of her and seeing them, the lion roars and moves towards them. Seeing this, the child gets nervous and hugs his mother.

The lion reaches in front of them in a leap, then inside, the trembling mother goat dares inside.

Mother goat: – Wait Sher Raj, otherwise the lioness will get angry.

Sher Raj Laughing: – Lioness, you goat is thinking of himself as a lioness

Mother Goat: – No, I was talking about your lioness

Lion: – My lioness?

Mother Goat: – Yes, what did you understand, I have come to have a picnic in the terrible forest with my child, no, the lioness caught me and told me to stop here until I come. Today I will take your baby and you fresh for my lion.

Lion: – How can I agree?

Mother goat: – Do not believe, later you will have to fall prey to your lioness, then do not tell me that you were not told, and even then if you lie, ask the crows. If you do anything, the crow will tell the lioness, then the lioness will not leave him. If you want to see the crow running away, he is monitoring me. He will not leave me alone.

Hearing this, the lion roars to drive away the crows, but the crow flies from one place to another. In this way, the lion also becomes convinced that the goat has told the truth.

Seeing this, the goat says to the torso.

Mother goat: – Lion, not avail, crow lioness does not believe in spades?

Sher Raj: – The truth is saying, the crows have been kept for your spying, not going from here.

Lion: – Who will mess with the lioness, I only go. Later, the lioness will bring both of you to me (or say the lion goes away from there.)

As soon as she goes, the goat rushes towards the village with her child, and now she reaches some distance only then the lioness comes in front of her.

The lioness roars upon seeing them. Hearing the lioness roar, the goat’s baby hides behind its mother.

Lioness: – Wow, today my lion raj will be happy to see two or two soft prey together.

Mother goat: – If the husband is a wife, then both of you are engaged in making each other happy.

Lioness: – What does it mean?

Mother goat: – If you hunt for the king lion, today the lion has planned to hunt both of us for you.

Lioness: – Why?

Mother goat: – Where did the lion come to go to the lioness cave and then I will take fresh prey of both of you today. Let the lioness party on my behalf.

Lioness: – True lions are thinking this way about me.

Mother goat: – If you go to the cave, right then he will come and take me.

Lioness: – Okay, but you ran away when I left?

Mother Goat: – Have you run so far? And then Sher Raj has kept the rabbit for my surveillance, wherever I go I will follow me and tell Sher Raj.

The rabbit also starts shaking its ears. The lioness also has to obey the goat when the lioness sees the rabbit shaking its ear.

Mother Goat: – Hearing my voice, the ears of the rabbit stood up and finally both the ears and the eyes are on me.

Lioness: – Yes, I just go and send the lion (saying that the lioness leaves from there.)

As soon as the lioness leaves, the goat sees it there and runs away from there with her child towards the village. When she runs away, she does not look back and breathes directly after reaching the broken in the farmer’s house.

The rest of the children too are happy to see their mother and brother.

First child: – You had gone to the forest, we were scared if we found an animal.

Second child: – What would you have found? I met hyena, lioness, but mother saved me from them all.

First child: – How? How did my mother fight with her?

Mother goat: – To fight children, not only strength is needed but also patience and patience. Always remember one thing, children should not panic at the sight of trouble. Patience should be exercised with mind and cunning. You can also avoid a dangerous situation.

Moral: – We should not always panic at the sight of trouble, patience should be exercised with mind and cunning.


Big lesson inspirational story in english

It’s a very old matter. There was an ashram where many children used to come from far away to get education.

Among them were Mohan and Kamal. Education of both of them was completed. As per the Ashram rules, he was to go home after completing his education.

When Mohan and Kamal started going home after completing their education, they were called by Master.

Master: – Today you are going to your home after completing your education, you will have to take another exam before going home.

Master: If you succeed in this exam, you will be allowed to go home, but if you are not able to succeed in the exam, then you will have to stop it.

Mohan: Master, what exam are you talking about, we have completed our education and today we have to go home as well, then what exam to take now.

Master: – Both of you will do only a small work of mine. If both of you succeed in it, then you can go to your home.

Kamal: Master, tell me what is the work, we are ready to take the exam.

Master looked at them both very carefully and then smiled.

Master: – Children, I give each of you a pigeon, and you have to kill it. You have to kill it in a place where no one is watching you.

Mohan takes pigeons to a deserted cave and goes there to see.

Mohan: – There is no one here in this cave. Even if I kill it, no one will know.

Saying this, V beats the pigeon’s neck in that cave and kills him and immediately goes to the ashram near Master.

Mohan: Master, I have killed that pigeon, now I can go home, I passed this exam.

Master gets a little worried about taking that pigeon in my hand.

Master: Look, Mohan, I gave this job to you and Kamal, but I think you still wait for Kamal to come for the result of this exam, then I will be able to pronounce my decision.

It was evening, it was dark but Kamal had not come yet and Master started worrying about it. That is when he sees a lotus coming.

Master: – Look, he is coming, after he comes, the results of both of you will be declared.

Lotus: – Greetings Master

Master: Amazing, how did you come so late and how is this pigeon alive in your hand.

Kamal: Master, this is a very long story, I could not succeed in this exam, I could not kill this pigeon and due to this I cannot even go to my house.

Master: Wait till you tell me what you say, we will not let you enter the ashram. Tell me what happened to you.

Kamal: – Master, as you said, killing this pigeon there and killing it, where no one was watching, I did it right there.

Kamal: – I took it to the forest to kill it but all the animals and trees present there were watching the footsteps. Then I took it to the sea, so I was watching all the fish and the sea.

Lotus: – I went to the mountain to kill it, I was watching the silence there, after this I went to a cave where I was seeing the darkness and the biggest thing was that I was watching myself while killing it.

Master: – Kamal, you have received the greatest education, which I wanted to understand you, you understood well. You did not kill the pigeon because you were watching all of you in solitude, it is our fear that prevents us from doing wrong things.

Master: – If we think that we are watching something before we do everything, then we will not do wrong things. This is what I wanted to understand you and you understood.

On hearing this from Master, Mohan realized that he had yet to receive more education.

While there, Kamal went back to his house.

Education: – We should think ten times before doing anything bad.


Golden bird motivational story for kids

Once upon a hill, on a huge tree lived a special bird named Sindhuka. The specialty of that bird was that when the drop of that bird fell on the earth, it would turn into pure gold. He lived alone on that tree, and was spending his life happily.

One day a hunter was walking there on that peak in the birds’ pool, after several hours when he was not able to catch any bird, he decided to rest under the huge tree. Just where the hunter was sleeping, suddenly the bird dropped its drops, and it turned into gold. A piece of gold fell right next to the hunter’s eyes, the hunter saw it and saw the bird sitting on the tree.

At the same time, the bird dropped the second drop, then the hunter saw it turning into gold on the ground, all these had surprised the hunter, he started thinking that I have been catching the bird for many years but I never saw such a bird. Neither have I heard of such a bird. Whose drops turn into gold. This is definitely a special bird, which I have to catch.

The sad thing is that when this hunter thought, Sindhuka did not know about it. He was resting on this tree, and the hunter was making plans. The hunter set a trap very carefully. When the bird was not paying attention, and finally got caught in the trap. When the bird got trapped in the trap, the hunter put it in the cage and he started going towards the house.

At the same time, Sindhuka thought, how much he was careless about not paying attention in the web. And that’s why the poor thing got trapped in the trap. While going home the hunter thought that I will keep this bird in the house, then I will become a rich.

And everyone will suspect that someday someone will know about this bird, then O will tell the king and I have to give it to the king, but if I pace this bird directly to the king, then he will give me this Will give something valuable in exchange for the bird, it will work better for me. I can live the rest of my life with the help of the king.

According to the plan, he went straight to the palace of the king. And he told the king everything. The king saw the bird and the king was very happy to see it, whose drop turns into gold. He called his servant and said “restore the bird’s proper sight, put it in a charred cage, and give it plenty of food and water”. To be sure, they are not far away “He may be the royal bird of the palace”. And will give me many wealth with my drops.

Suddenly, one of the king’s ministers reached the king, how can the king turn a bird’s gold into gold, it is impossible, how can you trust a hunter who has no knowledge, I am you It is requested that you open this cage and let the bird go away, and punish this hunter for giving such false information.

The king considered the matter of the minister. It was true, yes, how can a bird give gold drops, and I did not even see it with my own eyes, Syed this hunter wants money in return, the king immediately ordered the hunter to arrest and release the bird.

As the bird broke free, he sat at the top of a door, and suddenly he dropped his drops, which turned into gold, everyone, including the king and the ministers, were shocked to see that the king knew that he had made a mistake. And ordered his shipwreck to catch the bird immediately, but it was too late, the bird flew into the sky, and he promised not to be careless himself, for a new location on another mountain. Flew, where no one can catch him again.


Trust Motivational story about Life

once upon a time. Two children lived in a village called Shyampur, Chintu and Pintu.

Chintu was 6 years old, but Pintu is a very good friend of 10 years and used to play together most of the time.

One day Chintu and Pintu go to play near the forest, a little away from the village.

While playing, Pintu falls into a well and starts screaming, because he could not swim, and started thinking that he would drown and die.

Seeing Pintu drowning in the well, Chintu could not understand what to do now.

He looks around, but both of them were so far away from the village that neither was visible to them nor could anyone hear their voice.

Then Chintu sees an iron bucket near the well which was tied with a long rope. Chintu, without losing time, throws the iron rising inside the well and tells Pintu to tightly hold the bucket.

Chintu starts pulling the rope and pulling until Pintu comes out of the well.

Both are happy to see Pintu coming out of the well and hug each other and go towards the village.

When the two children tell this story to their families and the village at home, no one believes them, because Chintu was too young to pick up an iron bucket filled with water.

For this reason the people of the village also refused to believe that Chintu drove Pintu out of the well but an old man named Ramu believed the story of both of them.

The villagers asked the old man, “How can this happen?” “

The old man was very experienced. He laughed. “What is there to explain, Chintu told how he did it, threw it into the party well and pulled the rope and saved Pintu.” It is surprising that from where did he bring so much power?

The uncle also said that “at that time there was no one who could tell Chintu that he could not even Chintu himself thought that he could not”

In the end, the uncle said, “If we believe in ourselves and do something, nothing can stop us from completing that work”.

Lesson: – We should trust ourselves.


Sculptor Motivational story with moral lesson

Used to do an idol in a village. He used to make a lot of beautiful sculptures and he earned a lot from this work.

He had a son. That child started making idols from childhood, the son also used to make very good sculptures and his father was also happy on the success of the son.

Whenever the son made any idols, the father used to remove some deficiencies in each of his idols. He would always say “He has done very well but next time try to remove this deficiency”.

The son also cannot complain, he would continue to improve his idols by following the advice of his father.

Similarly, due to the continuous improvement, the idols of the son started becoming better than the father’s and a time came when people bought the son’s idols by paying a lot of money. While the idols of the father continued to be sold at the same previous price.

The father still used to remove the shortcomings in the idols of the son, but the son did not like it anymore and he would accept those deficiencies without mind and rectify his shortcomings.

There was a time when the son’s patience responded. While removing the drawbacks of the father, the son said, “You say as if you are a very big sculptor, if you had the same understanding, then your idols would not be sold at a low price, I do not think I need to take your advice. My idols are very It is good. “

When the father listened to the daughter, he stopped advising his son and removing the flaws in his idols.

A couple of months the boy was happy, but then he noticed that people no longer admired his idols as much as they used to do earlier, and the price of his idols had also stopped increasing.

Initially, the son did not understand, but then he went to his father and told him about the problem.

The father listened to his son very carefully as if he already knew that one day it would come.

The son also noticed this and asked, “Did you know that this is going to happen?” “

The father also replied “Yes, … many years ago today, I also collided with the same condition. “

The son asked, “Then you explained to me why not?”

The father said, “Because you didn’t want to understand.” I know that I do not make as many good idols as you, it can also be that my advice about idols is wrong, and it is not that due to my advice, your idols are better benny, but when I see you in your idols At that time, you did not agree with your idols.

You tried to make yourself better and that was the reason for your success. The day you agreed with your work and you also accepted that there is no scope to get better, your desire to move forward stopped. Logs always expect better from you and this is the reason that now you are no longer praised for your idols and not much money is paid for them. “

The son remains silent for a while, then he asks, “So what should I do now?” “

The father replied, “Learn to be ashamed, believe that there is always room for you to be better.” This is the one thing that will always inspire you to get better, will always make you better. “


Sneaky Stone motivational story real life

Once upon a time there used to be a sculptor named Mohan in a village.

Mohan used to make very beautiful sculptures.

People from all the nearby villages used to come to Mohan to get the idols made.

One day Mohan was working on making sculptures outside his house, when some people from the village come there.

One of them is like, “Hey brother, we have to install an idol of Ganesha in our village and for that we need a beautiful idol of Ganesha. “

Mohan says “Yes, yes, why not, but it will take at least a week for the idol of Ganesha. “

The man says, “Take 10 days a week, but the idol should be a very beautiful banny.” “

Mohan says, “Yes, of course you don’t worry, I will make such an idol that all the villagers will be left watching. “

The people of the village said, “Ok Mohan, we will come after a week to get the idol. “

Mohan goes to the back of his house where he had collected a lot of stones to make the idol. Two of them choose strong stones to make the idol.

Mohan comes in front of his house with a stone, where he used to make sculptures.

To break the stone, he brings the chisel and the hammer, as soon as he is about to break the stone, then suddenly a sound comes from the stone.

The stone shouted loudly, “Don’t kill me”

Mohan starts to look around, but he does not see anyone, he starts breaking stones again.

The stone recalls saying, “No, don’t hit me. I am afraid of this hammer and I cannot bear this hammer wound.” “

Mohan contemplates contemplation. “This stone turned out to be very sneaky. It is of no use to me.” “

Mohan puts that stone on his side and starts his work by taking another stone, Mohan starts breaking other stones too but he silently suffers his wounds.

Now the stone kept on the side started to enjoy and he snatched the other stone and hitting it with his hand, he said, “Brother, why are you enjoying it? If you are in pain, then tell the sculptor, he will also leave you.” “

That poor stone speaks nothing and bears hammer wounds and within a few days Mohan makes a beautiful idol from that stone.

A few days later the villagers come to collect the idol.

One of them would say to Mohan, “Mohan bhai kya idol is ready.” “

Mohan would also affectionately say, “Yes, the idol is ready.” “

The people of the village who came to collect the idol started applauding upon seeing that idol.

The people of the village standing there said to Mohan, “Oh wow, you have made a very beautiful idol. “

The people of the village liked the idol but they needed another stone. They asked Mohan, “Brother, we will get one more stone. Can we get a stone to break the coconut?” “

Mohan said, “Yes, of course, take this, I don’t need it anymore.” “

Mohan hands over the coward stone and the idol of Ganesha to the villagers.

People move towards the temple with that stone and idol.

Soon after the installation of the idol in the temple, a crowd of devotees gathered outside the temple.

Stone what are you doing don’t leave me slogans hurts me

Gradually, all the people of the village started coming to the temple and started worshiping Ganesh ji and offered pedas and laddus as offerings and bring coconuts from Mohan and started throwing coconuts on the other stone.

Ganesh ji’s idol asked with timid stone “Why brother is having fun?” “

The timid stone became depressed and he said, “Fun, you have pedas getting modak and everyone is folding their hands in front of you. My coconut is bursting at me.” “

The idol of Ganesha says, “If you had endured a little wound that day, you would have been in my place today.” “

Education: – We should face trouble without fear.


Magic conch motivational story for success

There used to be a boy named Ramu in a village, he was very lazy. He did not like working at all.

Ramu used to live with his mother. Seeing his condition, his mother always scolded me.

One such day when Ramu’s mother is afraid of Ramu and Ramu gets up and goes out of his house.

After some time Ramu goes outside the village. After Ramu goes outside the village, Ramu sees a temple and stops there and sleeps in the Ram temple itself.

Suddenly a sound starts coming from inside the temple Ramu immediately breaks down and Ramu’s attention goes to the talking conch and Ramu is shocked.

Ramu asks him with surprise, “Are you a magic conch?” “

Shankh says, “I will give whatever you ask for.” “

Ramu is happy to hear the conch and he says “can you give me so much money that I never need to do any work?” “

The conch says “Ha sure, but you have to do one of my jobs instead. are your ready ? “

Ramu asks happily, “What work should you say?” “

Shankh says, “You have to hold me under a sack of rice, if you can do this work, I will give you a lot of money. If you cannot do it, you will get a lesson.” “

Ramu finds this task very easy and Ramu gets ready for this task.

Upon hearing the magic conch, Ramu happily goes to his house and picks up a sack of rice.

Ramu’s mother asks him about it but Ramu is in his own tune.

While leaving the house, Ramu is happily seen carrying a sack of rice and the people of the village are also surprised to see Ramu’s happiness.

Ramu comes to the temple with a sack of rice and puts a little rice and puts the magic conch on top and pours the rest of the sack on the conch shell.

The conch is completely covered Ramu is happy, then suddenly rice starts slipping from below and the conch starts coming up.

He is surprised to see Ramu Shankha coming over the rice.

The conch laughs and says, “Ram, try once. “

Ramu starts putting rice again on the conch, but the conch would come back up. Ramu tries again and again, but the conch keeps coming up.

After a while Ramu becomes soaked with sweat and gets tired, the villagers start laughing at Ramu after seeing Ramu’s condition.

Then Ramu is told by one of the villagers, “Ramu you will grow old, but you will not be able to press the conch under the rice.” “

Saying this, all the villagers laugh and leave.

Ramu is frustrated that he sits down.

Shankh says to him “Ramu does not find anything in the world without hard work.”


Begger became a Doctor । motivational story for students

Once upon a time, a Bhikari named Jagan used to live with his daughter Gauri in a village named Kashipur.

Gauri’s mother had passed away and Jagan was not seen properly, which is why he could not find work anywhere.

Jagan was forced to beg with his daughter Gauri to feed but Gauri did not like begging. She wanted to write studies.

When Gauri came with her father to Sethani’s house in the village, begging to see her son Raju reading there, he felt very bad for himself and seeing this, Sethani would taunt him.

Seeing people reading, Gauri also decided to become a doctor and thought of opening a hospital in the village.

One day Gauri seated her father outside the temple with Rahim Chacha and she herself started earning money by selling toys in the village for several days, and then one day she met the village teacher and went to study in a government school.

After returning from school, Gauri would send toys and earn money and take care of her father, Gauri would stay awake all night and study and always pass a good number in class.

Seeing the courage and success of Gauri, Sethani and other villagers were surprised and he was also jealous of Jagan and Gauri.

Gauri passes every year with good marks and teacher Renu also helps Gauri in her studies. Gradually time passed and Gauri grew older.

He completed his school with his hard work and dedication and to complete his studies to become a doctor, he took the examination for admission in college and he also topped. On hearing this news, both Gauri’s father and teacher Renu were very happy.

But now Gauri had to leave her father and go to the city for her studies.

Gauri went to the city to study.

Over time, Gauri was progressing towards her dreams very rapidly.

A few years later, epidemic disease spread rapidly in the village, Renu’s father Sethani and his son Raju became very ill and remained in a small government hospital in the city.

But no doctor came for many days, everyone started praying for life to a very sad sad God.

Then a nurse told everyone “The greatest doctor Sahiba from the city is about to come for treatment” Hearing this, the villagers became very happy.

Then a car stopped in front of the hospital and one of the doctors, the northern city sarpanch, garlanded him and welcomed him.

When the doctor entered the hospital, the villagers were surprised to see him because the doctor was none other than Gauri.

Gauri took blessings by touching her father’s feet and she started treating all the villagers, all were cured with Gauri’s treatment in a few days.

Gauri also underwent surgery on her father’s eyes and brought back the light of his eyes.

Due to Gauri’s dedication and success, the entire village was once again free from pandemics.

All the villagers realized their mistake and they all gave Gauri a garland of garlands. Jai Jai started calling her name. Seeing this, the chest of Gauri’s father widened with pride.

Education: – If a work is done with hard work, dedication and determination, then we definitely get success in it.

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