Gold Coin or Justice akbar and birbal story with moral

Once in Akbar’s court.

Akbar asked Birbal: – “My dear friend Birbal, if you had to choose one in justice and gold coins, then whom would you choose?”

Birbal (without wasting any time): – “Maharaj, I would have chosen gold coins without any doubt.

Hearing this, everyone including King Akbar was shocked at Birbal’s immediate reply and thought that this time Birbal took the decision of Gala.

King Akbar: – I was very disappointed with you. Why to choose something less valuable as justice.

Birbal smilingly replied: – “My dear king, there is no courage to justice, because there is justice everywhere in your kingdom. I felt that I did not need to ask for anything that I had in abundance but my lord, surely the lack of money and gold coins would be good.

King Akbar was very happy to hear the words of Birbal and he gave 100 gold coins to Birbal as an offering.

Moral of the story: – Everyone should say it wisely.