Big lesson inspirational story in english

It’s a very old matter. There was an ashram where many children used to come from far away to get education.

Among them were Mohan and Kamal. Education of both of them was completed. As per the Ashram rules, he was to go home after completing his education.

When Mohan and Kamal started going home after completing their education, they were called by Master.

Master: – Today you are going to your home after completing your education, you will have to take another exam before going home.

Master: If you succeed in this exam, you will be allowed to go home, but if you are not able to succeed in the exam, then you will have to stop it.

Mohan: Master, what exam are you talking about, we have completed our education and today we have to go home as well, then what exam to take now.

Master: – Both of you will do only a small work of mine. If both of you succeed in it, then you can go to your home.

Kamal: Master, tell me what is the work, we are ready to take the exam.

Master looked at them both very carefully and then smiled.

Master: – Children, I give each of you a pigeon, and you have to kill it. You have to kill it in a place where no one is watching you.

Mohan takes pigeons to a deserted cave and goes there to see.

Mohan: – There is no one here in this cave. Even if I kill it, no one will know.

Saying this, V beats the pigeon’s neck in that cave and kills him and immediately goes to the ashram near Master.

Mohan: Master, I have killed that pigeon, now I can go home, I passed this exam.

Master gets a little worried about taking that pigeon in my hand.

Master: Look, Mohan, I gave this job to you and Kamal, but I think you still wait for Kamal to come for the result of this exam, then I will be able to pronounce my decision.

It was evening, it was dark but Kamal had not come yet and Master started worrying about it. That is when he sees a lotus coming.

Master: – Look, he is coming, after he comes, the results of both of you will be declared.

Lotus: – Greetings Master

Master: Amazing, how did you come so late and how is this pigeon alive in your hand.

Kamal: Master, this is a very long story, I could not succeed in this exam, I could not kill this pigeon and due to this I cannot even go to my house.

Master: Wait till you tell me what you say, we will not let you enter the ashram. Tell me what happened to you.

Kamal: – Master, as you said, killing this pigeon there and killing it, where no one was watching, I did it right there.

Kamal: – I took it to the forest to kill it but all the animals and trees present there were watching the footsteps. Then I took it to the sea, so I was watching all the fish and the sea.

Lotus: – I went to the mountain to kill it, I was watching the silence there, after this I went to a cave where I was seeing the darkness and the biggest thing was that I was watching myself while killing it.

Master: – Kamal, you have received the greatest education, which I wanted to understand you, you understood well. You did not kill the pigeon because you were watching all of you in solitude, it is our fear that prevents us from doing wrong things.

Master: – If we think that we are watching something before we do everything, then we will not do wrong things. This is what I wanted to understand you and you understood.

On hearing this from Master, Mohan realized that he had yet to receive more education.

While there, Kamal went back to his house.

Education: – We should think ten times before doing anything bad.

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