Boastful man story with moral lesson

Only two things were famous in Sehore district of Sarangpur. One is the maize growing there and the other one is the Raghu feat.

Raghu was the first one to make keys for people’s locks, but by making the keys, Raghu achieved such a mastery that he could unlock any lock with just a pen.

Now he was called from village to village, he was becoming famous day by day for showing the game of unlocking without key.

Slowly Raghu’s pride was increasing.

The king had a dear son, his name was Prince, he was going to win the game of chess on his own tip. The prince had heard the name of Raghu feat a lot and he also knew about his exploits.

One day Raghu reached the court of the king’s feat. As soon as the king reached the court, Raghu started hitting a lot of tricks.

As soon as Raghu reached the court, he said, “Pranam Maharaj, I am compelled to have no lock that I cannot open.” Or suppose that there is no lock that I cannot open. Even if you believe me. “

The king listened carefully to Raghu’s words and said, “Your crown prince will test you”.

Hearing this, Raghu said happily, “Whatever you lock, I will open it, if you lock me in a cupboard and throw it in the river, I will also open it.” “

Hearing this, Yuvraj found a way to break Raghu’s pride. He once again asked Raghu “Are you sure?” “

Raghu was no longer retreating. He also gave “Ji Yuvraj”

On this matter, the crown prince also placed a condition, “If you win, we will give you 1000 gold coins in the prize, but if you lose you will never show your feat. Do you approve “

Raghu’s confidence had grown so much that now he was not ready to back down. He said again, “Mr. Crown Prince”

The crown prince says to Raghu “Then come to the pond tomorrow morning. “

The next day a lot of crowd gathered at the pond. Yuvraj came with Maharaj, Raghu also came.

Now Yuvraj was ready to challenge Rako. He said, “The exam is very easy. You will be locked in this cupboard.” The cupboard will be put in the pond, you just have to come out of the cupboard showing your awesome and come to the surface of the pond. “

Shivraj also said for Raghu’s safety that “If you cannot open the lock and you have accepted your defeat, you will push the cupboard with the hardness of your hands and pull the cupboard out immediately. “

Raghu was so proud of his duty of opening the lock that he too gave it with pride, “I will not need it, I am ready”

Raghu went inside the cupboard and the soldiers started putting the cupboard inside the pond.

As soon as the water started coming in the cupboard, Raghu took out a purse from his pocket and started trying to open the cupboard.

He folded the pin, but the door of the cupboard was not opening. Despite trying so much, the door was not opening from Raghu.

Raghu was waiting for all the people of the village.

After all, Raghu replaced the door of the cupboard with his stiff necklace. Immediately the soldiers pulled the cupboard.

After Raghu came out of the water, the crown prince said to Raghu, “What happened, Raghu, you were boasting so much brawl, it was said that your skills. You were proud of yourself, what happened, all the pride was broken. “

Raghu’s head bowed with shame “Till date it has never happened that I could not open any lock, this is the first time. Raghu said.

King Yuvraj says to the defeated Raghu “That is why there was no lock in this cupboard of Q. “

Raghu still does not understand. Raghu quickly questioned “What do you mean? “

Yuvraj replied, “I wanted you to open any lock, that’s why I did not lock this cupboard.” “

Yuvraj also gave the solution to open that cupboard. “It took just strength to open the door of this cupboard because it was closed very well. “

Yuvraj also explained why Raghu could not open that lock. He said, “You did not even think of opening the door because of your pride, you were just trying to open its lock.” “

Yuvraj gave the reason for doing all this. “I did all this not for everyone to come or win you, but to break your pride. “

In the end, King Yuvraj praised Raghu and said that “Your horror is infinite but you are becoming arrogant. It was wrong”

After listening to Yuvraj, Raghu realizes that he has done very wrong. Raghu is ashamed of his actions. Raghu apologizes to the king, the crown prince and everyone in the village.

Lesson: –  Our pride is only loss.

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