Arrogant feat cartoon story in English

 Cartoon story in English – Only two things were famous in the Sehore district of Sarangpur. One is the Maize growing there and the other Raghu feat.

Raghu was earlier a keyman who used to make keys for people’s locks, but while making keys, Raghu acquired such a skill that he could open any lock with just one pen.

Now he was called from village to village, he was becoming famous day by day for showing the game of unlocking the lock without the key.

Slowly Raghu’s pride was increasing.

The king had a lovely son, his name was Rajkumar, he was going on winning the game of chess with his own strategy. The prince had heard the name of Raghu feat a lot and was also aware of his exploits.

One day Raghu reached the king’s court with the feat. As soon as he reached the king’s court, Raghu started waving a lot of feats.

Raghu started saying as soon as he reached the court, “Pranam Maharaj, I am helpless, there is no such lock which I cannot open. Or let’s say that no such lock has ever been made which I cannot open. Take a look at me “

The king listened carefully to Raghu’s words and where “our prince will take your test”

Hearing this, Raghu was happy and said, “Whatever lock you make, I will open it, even if you lock me in a cupboard and throw it in the river, I will open it too.” “

Hearing this, Yuvraj had found a way to break Raghu’s pride. He asked Raghu once again “Are you sure? “

Raghu was not going to back down now. He also gave “Ji Yuvaraj”

On this foot Yuvraj also put a condition “If you win then we will give you 1000 gold coins in reward but if you lose then you will never show your feat. do you approve? “

Raghu’s self-confidence had increased so much that now he was not ready to back down. He said again “Ji Yuvaraj”.

Yuvraj says to Raghu, “Then come to the pond tomorrow morning. “

The next day a large crowd gathered at the pond. Yuvraj came with Maharaj, Raghu also came.

Now Yuvraj was ready to challenge Rakho. He said “The exam is too easy, you will be locked in this cupboard. The cupboard will be put in the pond, you just have to show your wonder and come out of the cupboard and come to the surface of the pond. “

Shivraj also said for Raghu’s safety that “If you are unable to open the lock and you have accepted your defeat, you knock the cupboard with the hard of your hands, the cupboard will be pulled out immediately.” “

Raghu was so proud of his duty to open the lock that he too proudly said “It will not be needed, I am ready”.

Raghu went inside the cupboard and the soldiers started putting the cupboard inside the pond.

As soon as the cupboard started going to the water, Raghu took out a purse from his pocket and he started trying to open the cupboard.

He twisted the pin backwards but the cupboard door was not opening. Despite all these efforts, the door was not opening from Raghu.

Everyone in the village was waiting for Raghu.

After all, after getting tired of the car, Raghu opened the door of the cupboard with his hard. Immediately the soldiers pulled the cupboard.

After Raghu came out of the water, Yuvraj asked Raghu, “Why what happened Raghu, you were bragging so much, it was your skill. You were proud of yourself, what happened, all the pride broke. “

Raghu bowed his head in shame. “It has never happened till today that I have not been able to open any lock, this is the first time. Raghu said.

King Yuvraj laughingly says to Raghu, “That’s why there was no lock in this cupboard of Q. “

Raghu still doesn’t understand. Raghu asked hurriedly “What do you mean? “

Yuvraj replied “I wanted you to open any lock that’s why I didn’t lock this cupboard. “

Yuvraj also told the solution to open that cupboard “It only took strength to open the door of this cupboard because it was closed very well. “

Yuvraj also told why Raghu could not open that lock, he said, “You didn’t even think of opening the door because of your arrogance, you were just trying to open its lock.” “

Yuvraj explained the reason for doing all this, “I did all this to you not for every victory or for my victory, but to break your pride. “

In the end, King Yuvraj praised Raghu and said that “Your horror is incredible but you are becoming arrogant, it was wrong”.

After listening to Yuvraj, Raghu realizes that he did a very wrong thing. Raghu is ashamed of his actions. Raghu apologizes to Raja, Yuvraj and everyone in the village.

Moral of the story – Pride only hurts us.



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