Clever goat moral story for children

Clever goat moral story for children

A goat named Neelu lived in a farmer’s house in Nawapur village. He had three children.

She was always worried about her children.

There was a dense forest on the banks of the village.

The goat was always worried that the children would not know when the children would go out to the forest while playing and not fall prey to any wild animal.

With the worry of this, the goat always used to teach them that never go into that forest.

But one day, a goat kid hears talking to the farmer bringing the fodder to the child, that such a green grass is littered all around in the forest.

Hearing this, the child wishes to see green grass all around and he silently sets out alone towards the forest.

When the mother goat learns this, she gets worried and immediately goes out to find her child.

On the other hand, while playing goat child, it reaches a distance in the forest just a few minutes away, that three to four hyena come and surround it, seeing that the goat child remembers his mother by shouting loudly.

All hyena laughs to see this.

First hyena: Wow, what a fresh fresh item I wish I had got it the day after tomorrow.

Second hyena: – Why?

First hyena: – It was my birthday the day before yesterday, the party would have been more colorful.

Second hyena: – Never mind the billed birthday party.

That’s when the mother of the goat arrives.

Second hyena: – Looks like the billed birthday party is going to be an overweight party.

Third hyena: – 1 kilo free with two hundred and fifty grams

Everyone starts laughing.

Mother goat: – Just – don’t laugh too much or else Lion Raj will come and eat all four of you.

Together the four hyena asks: – Why?

Mother Goat: – What do you think, why did I leave it here alone? Sher Raj had ordered that I should not move from my place with my child until Sher Raj comes and if you have eaten it or anything except me, Sher Raj will not leave all four of you alive.

First hyena: – How would Sher Raj know that we ate you?

The mother goat cunningly replies: – Do you consider the lion raj as stupid, you are the king of the jungle! Look, the elephant raj has been monitoring us.

At the same time elephants move their trunks. Seeing this, the hyena is convinced that the elephant is monitoring them.

Mother goat: – Now if you want, now you can eat both of us.

Hearing this, all four hysterics get worried and start talking among themselves.

First hyena: – Man, elephant will keep telling about us.

Second Hyena: – What to do

Third hyena: – If the same life is saved, snatching the morsel from the mouth of the lion found millions has become a lion’s morsel, let’s go.

Saying that the four hyena go away from there. The child’s life is saved as soon as the goat goes, the mother goat takes her child and runs back to her village.

Now she has moved a little further, only when a lion comes in front of her and seeing them, the lion roars and moves towards them. Seeing this, the child gets nervous and hugs his mother.

The lion reaches in front of them in a leap, then inside, the trembling mother goat dares inside.

Mother goat: – Wait Sher Raj, otherwise the lioness will get angry.

Sher Raj Laughing: – Lioness, you goat is thinking of himself as a lioness

Mother Goat: – No, I was talking about your lioness

Lion: – My lioness?

Mother Goat: – Yes, what did you understand, I have come to have a picnic in the terrible forest with my child, no, the lioness caught me and told me to stop here until I come. Today I will take your baby and you fresh for my lion.

Lion: – How can I agree?

Mother goat: – Do not believe, later you will have to fall prey to your lioness, then do not tell me that you were not told, and even then if you lie, ask the crows. If you do anything, the crow will tell the lioness, then the lioness will not leave him. If you want to see the crow running away, he is monitoring me. He will not leave me alone.

Hearing this, the lion roars to drive away the crows, but the crow flies from one place to another. In this way, the lion also becomes convinced that the goat has told the truth.

Seeing this, the goat says to the torso.

Mother goat: – Lion, not avail, crow lioness does not believe in spades?

Sher Raj: – The truth is saying, the crows have been kept for your spying, not going from here.

Lion: – Who will mess with the lioness, I only go. Later, the lioness will bring both of you to me (or say the lion goes away from there.)

As soon as she goes, the goat rushes towards the village with her child, and now she reaches some distance only then the lioness comes in front of her.

The lioness roars upon seeing them. Hearing the lioness roar, the goat’s baby hides behind its mother.

Lioness: – Wow, today my lion raj will be happy to see two or two soft prey together.

Mother goat: – If the husband is a wife, then both of you are engaged in making each other happy.

Lioness: – What does it mean?

Mother goat: – If you hunt for the king lion, today the lion has planned to hunt both of us for you.

Lioness: – Why?

Mother goat: – Where did the lion come to go to the lioness cave and then I will take fresh prey of both of you today. Let the lioness party on my behalf.

Lioness: – True lions are thinking this way about me.

Mother goat: – If you go to the cave, right then he will come and take me.

Lioness: – Okay, but you ran away when I left?

Mother Goat: – Have you run so far? And then Sher Raj has kept the rabbit for my surveillance, wherever I go I will follow me and tell Sher Raj.

The rabbit also starts shaking its ears. The lioness also has to obey the goat when the lioness sees the rabbit shaking its ear.

Mother Goat: – Hearing my voice, the ears of the rabbit stood up and finally both the ears and the eyes are on me.

Lioness: – Yes, I just go and send the lion (saying that the lioness leaves from there.)

As soon as the lioness leaves, the goat sees it there and runs away from there with her child towards the village. When she runs away, she does not look back and breathes directly after reaching the broken in the farmer’s house.

The rest of the children too are happy to see their mother and brother.

First child: – You had gone to the forest, we were scared if we found an animal.

Second child: – What would you have found? I met hyena, lioness, but mother saved me from them all.

First child: – How? How did my mother fight with her?

Mother goat: – To fight children, not only strength is needed but also patience and patience. Always remember one thing, children should not panic at the sight of trouble. Patience should be exercised with mind and cunning. You can also avoid a dangerous situation.

Moral: – We should not always panic at the sight of trouble, patience should be exercised with mind and cunning.

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