Cracked pitcher Panchatantra Story with moral

Cracked pitcher Panchatantra Story with moral

There was a farmer named Shyam in a village. He had a small farm, he had two earthen pots which he used to bring water to his house every day.

But one of them was broken. Because of which one pitcher was full and the other one was half full.

The burnt pitcher was very embarrassed because only half the water could reach home.

The new and right pot was very proud of this, he used to bring all the water to the house, so he says to the clock, “You bring half the water and waste the hard work of dying. “

Hearing this, the photo watch is very bad. Hearing the talk of both houses, Shyam says to Gaya, “You are only seeing your evil and I am also seeing your hidden goodness, so I have never seen you ever again.” “

The broken pot falls into thinking and Ho asks Shyam “But how is he?” “

Shyam says, “Every day when we come back from the river, half of your water falls on the ground, which helps in finding flowers there, then how can you say that you are of no use. “

The broken pot falls into thinking and again asks Shyam, “How did all this help you?” “

Shyam replied, “Now, along with farming, I have started selling those flowers also, which would bring more money to me, from that money I would buy more and better seeds for the farm. It all happened because of you “

Lesson: – We should never make fun of someone’s skill, but should find his goodness and enhance it.