Crow and snake panchtantra Story with moral

Crow and snake panchtantra Story with moral

A crow is looking for a place in the forest to build a nest.

The crow sees a large tree in the middle of the forest.

The crow makes his nest by adding a straw and laying eggs in the nest a few days later.

There used to be a snake in a bill near that tree.

One day the snake saw eggs laid in the nest. Seeing the eggs, the snake’s mouth gets water.

But the snake does not hurry. The snake awaits the crows to move away from the nest.

The next morning when the snake sees the crow moving away from the nest, the snake slowly climbs the tree and eats the egg one by one.

On returning, the crow is very depressed after not receiving eggs.

Crow: – (crying) Where are my eggs?

After some time the crow lays eggs again.

The snake again sees an egg in the crow’s nest and the snake waits for the crow to leave.

After the crows leave, the snake again eats those eggs one by one.

Upon returning, the crow is sad to see the eggs disappear again.

The crow starts thinking, “How do eggs disappear from the nest?” “

After some time, the crows laid eggs and on the pretext of going out they were caught on the nearby tree.

By force, the snake climbed on the tree and started eating eggs.

Seeing this, the crow’s blood boiled and she tried to stop the snake but failed.

The crow began to fly, “How to get rid of the snake.” “

Then she turns to look at the queen in the palace, who was bathing in the pool with her friends.

The clothes and ornaments of the queen were kept near the pool.

Seeing the clothes and ornaments, the crow thought out a solution in his mind.

Immediately, the crows scattered the jewels of the queen and caught the diamond-studded necklace in flight.

Seeing the crow flying away with the Queen’s necklace, one of the Queen’s companions shouted loudly and said, “Look at the crow flying with the Queen’s necklace.” Soldiers go and grab that crow. “

The soldiers started chasing the crows.

Seeing the crow soldiers coming after him, the crow reaches over the bill of the flying snake and drops the diamond necklace into the snake’s bill.

All the soldiers go to the snake’s bill and break the snake’s bill.

The snake comes out, the soldiers are scared to see the snake coming out of the bill and return to the palace after hunting the snake and taking the queen’s necklace.

The crow is very happy to see the snake dead.

The crow lays eggs again and spends a happy life with his children.

Education: – The solution to any problem can be found with understanding.

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