Foolish Trader Cartoon Story in English

Foolish Trader Cartoon Story in English – Hiramal, a well-known businessman on a neighbouring village, had come to Kushal Pur with his family to enjoy the fair.

(Hiramal had a keen eye and his knowledge of diamonds, gold, silver was top notch. With a single glance he could recognize the value of any metal, stone or diamond. Hiramal was very proud of his skill.)

Suddenly Hiramal’s wife turns her attention to the circus tent and she says, “Let’s show Babbu the circus. “

But Hiramal refuses to go and says “Look you and Babbu, I come after visiting the market. “

On hearing the name of the circus, Babbu starts dancing happily and her mother also gets happy seeing her happy.

Hiramal takes out the ticket and takes the wife and son to sit in the circus tent and himself goes for a walk in the fair.

While roaming around, Hiramal reaches the glassware cart where many glass objects are kept, toys, glasses, attractive utensils and much more.

Hiramal’s eyes go to one’s shining glass piece, which has a different shape and brightness.

Hiramal thinks in his mind, “This is a very strange thing. “

Seeing that Hiramal goes to that cart, the shopkeeper of that tent says to Hiramal “What to show, set toys, utensils or garlands. “

Hiramal says, “Show that piece of glass. “

Heeramal looks closely at that shining glass piece and realizes that it is a valuable diamond that needs a little polishing.

Hiramal now does a little evil to the shopkeeper about that piece of glass so that he feels that the piece of glass is not a special piece of glass and he gives it at a very low price.

Hiramal says “Hey brother how are these ordinary things kept, keep some unique item to sell. “

The shopkeeper also listens carefully to Hiramal’s words and says “Ji Seth ji, I will definitely try next time, you just liked something.” “

Hiramal says, “Well, nothing special is visible, just this piece of glass looks fine, nothing else is of any use, what is its price? “

The shopkeeper says “not much, just twenty rupees”.

Hiramal gets shocked after listening to the shopkeeper and thinks and thinks to himself “This man is very stupid, this man is selling diamonds at the price of clay, I save my money by talking to him at a lower price. “

Hiramal says to the shopkeeper to save his money “Is brother asking for ₹ 20 for this piece of glass, I will give at most ₹ 15”

The shopkeeper categorically denies the things of the set and says, “Don’t you want to take only ₹ 15, then take it only for 20 or else let it go. “

Seth says “A fool will take it for ₹ 20, let me go.” “

“This will definitely call me back, I pretend to leave here.” Thinking this, Hiramal leaves from there, after coming some distance, he looks again but the shopkeeper looks busy with his work.

Hiramal starts thinking, “After a while I go round here again, this fool will definitely sell that diamond for ₹ 15”

Hiramal roams in the other handcart in the fair and keeps on buying something or the other, after some time Hiramal goes to the circus tent to pick up his wife and daughter and makes them sit in the tonga.

Hiramal makes his wife and daughter sit in the tonga and then goes to that glass cart.

The shopkeeper sitting in the glass cart sees the set coming again and says “Speak Seth”.

This time Hiramal is restless to buy that diamond and he says “Nothing special tell me the exact original of that piece of glass in your shop, I buy it”

The shopkeeper says “Ji Seth, I sold it a while back. “

After listening to the shopkeeper, Hiramal goes to the chowk and says to the shopkeeper, “Have you sold that piece, for how much?” “

The shopkeeper would say, “Ji Seth, my day has become in full 25 form. “

Hearing the price told by the shopkeeper, Hiramal turned red with anger and said to him, “Is only 25 forms, fool, do you even know how special that piece of glass was. It was no ordinary piece of glass. You know how big a loss has been. “

The shopkeeper also gets angry on hearing this, he says to Seth, “Don’t feel bad Sethji, but you are the biggest fool, not me.”

Hearing this from the shopkeeper, Hiramal gets furious again.

Seth says again “Well, you probably don’t know who I am, Hiramal, there is a shop of 5 gold and silver, in my neighboring village, no one can hold my hand in testing gold, silver and diamonds, only by looking at the eyes I can tell the value of the item itself, of foolishness and calling me a fool, I know what was the price of its piece. “

The shopkeeper is surprised to see Seth so angry and says “what was the cost of that piece of glass”.

Seth said, “One lakh piece was one lakh, and you sold it for mud. There is no one in this world as foolish as you. “

After listening to Seth, the shopkeeper gets a little thinking and then smiles and says, “Seth ji, I am a fool, but you are the biggest fool in the world, you are a great idiot”.

Hearing the shopkeeper’s words, Hiramal gets furious again and says angrily, “What did you say, you call me a great fool”

The shopkeeper says, “And if not, I sold that piece for ₹ 25 and made some profit, but knowing that for a profit of ₹ 5, you let the diamond of lakhs go, now you tell me am I a fool or you . “

On listening to the shopkeeper, Ramu realizes his folly and leaves silently from there in despair.

Heermal thinks in her mind “It is rightly saying, in the greed of saving us five rupees, I lost millions of things, today that shopkeeper broke my pride. “

Moral of the story – One should never take pride in one’s own knowledge and skill, and anyone is wrong even less Agra, for which we get the punishment.



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