Rabbit’s True Friendship Moral story for children

Many years ago there used to be a rabbit in a forest. He used to play devilishly, jump, roam in the forest every day.

But poor health worsens one day. All the animals would know about his illness from one to the other by the third.

All the animals of the forest had gathered to know about the condition of the rabbit. First a monkey comes out towards the rabbit’s house.

Looking at the rabbit read with the sweltering fever in the condition of illness, he said, “Friend, you have a slight fever, don’t worry, it will go off on its own”

He advised for free, after which he took a banana and guava kept near the rabbit and went back to see the rabbit a little consolation.

After hearing about the disease of the rabbit, an elephant came to his house to know his condition and said, “My friend, what happened, your health deteriorated, but no matter how heavy animals like us sometimes get sick.” You are a small animal, your fever will go down quickly. Do not panic. “

After that he ate the stuffed potato carat and sago of rabbit and went away.

After a while, a cat came there to inquire about the rabbit’s condition. He said to the rabbit, “Friend, the weather has changed, so you have a slight fever, and if you take rest one day it will be reduced.” “

After this, he licked all the delicious and aromatic ghee butter kept in the rabbit’s house and went from there with a laugh, after which the jackal and the fox came together to know the condition of the rabbit.

Looking at the rabbit lying in a state of sickness, he said, “Friend, I have been telling you since that time to stop eating that grass and learn to eat meat like us, you did not listen to us, so you are sick and lying in bed, saw us meat.” Eat and live quickly. “

“That is all right, you will get well soon. Tell us that there is something hidden for us to eat,” the fox says.

“Anyway, you take good care of the guests,” said the fox. Then both of them searched the whole house but there was no food left for them. Then both of them went away from there, angry at the rabbit.

Both of them were going back that the lion was coming from the front. Both of them understood that the lion is going to the rabbit house. He said, “Sher ji, you are going to the rabbit’s house, what is kept in his house, we have sifted well no bone or any piece of meat”

“Those who went before us ate all the food of his house,” the fox would say.

“Can’t even get up from bed to take care of the guests, so it would be useless for you to go to the rabbit’s house”, thus both of them told the situation of the rabbit’s house to the lion.

Then the lion did not say “So this is the case, then it would be useless to go to the rabbit’s house, it would be better if I hunted in the forest and filled my stomach. “

Saying this, the lion left from there.

Finally, a very old friend of rabbit, the bee reached there and he did not go empty handed, brought two bottles of honey together.

Seeing the vein of the rabbit, he said, “My friend, your fever has increased, I just bring the lawful”. He flew away and went to the bear’s house. He would treat any animal in the forest if he fell ill.

The bee came flying and told the bear the whole subject and then came with him to the rabbit’s house. The bear saw his pulse and gave him medicines.

Rabbit fever completely subsided within two days. The rabbit again became as fast healthy as before.

Lesson: – The person who accompanies in sorrow is the true companion.