True Friendship Story for kid in English

True Friendship Story for kid in English

Once Gattu and Chinki were playing in their garden.

Both Chinki and Gattu are five years old. They do not know about right and wrong.

That’s when they heard the barking of a dog. At first they did not pay attention to him, but when the dog did not stop barking, Chinki went to see near the gate.

“Why are you barking,” asks the Chinese dog. ”

But the dog does not stop barking. On this matter, Gattu would say, “Looks like this is not going to be accepted. I tell it so”

Gattu is about to hit the dog by picking up a stone that Chinki would say to Gattu, “Wait, Gattu, it is a wrong thing to kill any unmatched person like this. Let’s take it inside.” ”

Chinki lovingly took her inside the house, cleaned her wounds, watered her ointment and loved her a lot.

You Chinky wanted to keep that puppy with you. Half of Chinki’s attention would have gone to take care of that dog only.

Gattu gets annoyed by this. Gattu is jealous of that dog and wanted to drive that dog out of his house.

Naughty Bittu did not like the same thing, how can anyone love a dirty animal so much. That is what was going on in Gattu’s mind.

Chinky named the dog Moti. Seeing Chinki love Modi so much, Gattu was in a bad state of jealousy, but the naughty Gattu was about to stop.

Gattu started using devilish methods to make Moti run away from home. When Gattu thinks of teasing Moti, Chinki would come and save him.

One day, see Gattu tied the pearl outside. Would have suggested an idea to Gattu.

Gattu takes Moti with him, but comes back alone.

After some time Chinki starts searching for the pearl, but the pearl does not get anywhere, Chinki is in a bad state after crying. Gattu was sad for Chinki but he was happy that Moti was gone.

That same night a thief enters the house and shouts loudly, “Save, save it will bite me. Save”

All the members wake up from the house and when they come out and see, Moti was running to the thief.

At first, Gattu felt that he was running a man on some way, who accidentally entered his house. Suddenly he noticed his bicycle which fell near the gate.

The people of the whole house caught the thief and handed him over to the police. Now Gattu realized his mistake.

Gattu was very devilish with Moti but still he saved Gattu’s bicycle from being stolen. From that day on, Gattu and Moti developed a good friendship.