Golden bird motivational story for kids

Once upon a hill, on a huge tree lived a special bird named Sindhuka. The specialty of that bird was that when the drop of that bird fell on the earth, it would turn into pure gold. He lived alone on that tree, and was spending his life happily.

One day a hunter was walking there on that peak in the birds’ pool, after several hours when he was not able to catch any bird, he decided to rest under the huge tree. Just where the hunter was sleeping, suddenly the bird dropped its drops, and it turned into gold. A piece of gold fell right next to the hunter’s eyes, the hunter saw it and saw the bird sitting on the tree.

At the same time, the bird dropped the second drop, then the hunter saw it turning into gold on the ground, all these had surprised the hunter, he started thinking that I have been catching the bird for many years but I never saw such a bird. Neither have I heard of such a bird. Whose drops turn into gold. This is definitely a special bird, which I have to catch.

The sad thing is that when this hunter thought, Sindhuka did not know about it. He was resting on this tree, and the hunter was making plans. The hunter set a trap very carefully. When the bird was not paying attention, and finally got caught in the trap. When the bird got trapped in the trap, the hunter put it in the cage and he started going towards the house.

At the same time, Sindhuka thought, how much he was careless about not paying attention in the web. And that’s why the poor thing got trapped in the trap. While going home the hunter thought that I will keep this bird in the house, then I will become a rich.

And everyone will suspect that someday someone will know about this bird, then O will tell the king and I have to give it to the king, but if I pace this bird directly to the king, then he will give me this Will give something valuable in exchange for the bird, it will work better for me. I can live the rest of my life with the help of the king.

According to the plan, he went straight to the palace of the king. And he told the king everything. The king saw the bird and the king was very happy to see it, whose drop turns into gold. He called his servant and said “restore the bird’s proper sight, put it in a charred cage, and give it plenty of food and water”. To be sure, they are not far away “He may be the royal bird of the palace”. And will give me many wealth with my drops.

Suddenly, one of the king’s ministers reached the king, how can the king turn a bird’s gold into gold, it is impossible, how can you trust a hunter who has no knowledge, I am you It is requested that you open this cage and let the bird go away, and punish this hunter for giving such false information.

The king considered the matter of the minister. It was true, yes, how can a bird give gold drops, and I did not even see it with my own eyes, Syed this hunter wants money in return, the king immediately ordered the hunter to arrest and release the bird.

As the bird broke free, he sat at the top of a door, and suddenly he dropped his drops, which turned into gold, everyone, including the king and the ministers, were shocked to see that the king knew that he had made a mistake. And ordered his shipwreck to catch the bird immediately, but it was too late, the bird flew into the sky, and he promised not to be careless himself, for a new location on another mountain. Flew, where no one can catch him again.

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