Mother taught the lesson । short good moral story

Once upon a time, there used to be a woman named Rupa in a city, it had been many years for Rupa’s husband.

Rupa had a son named Chirag. Rupa lived in the city with her mother and Chirag.

Chirag used to stay with his grandmother and Chirag’s grandmother used to talk with her while doing all the household work.

All the responsibility of the house was on Nani and Rupa kept busy in the shop.

Chirag returned home after playing Chirag one evening after school due to his grandmother’s mother and Rupa’s day being busy, leaving Chirag with school to play with a friend.

Chirag returned home and said to his maternal grandmother, “All my friends have gone home. I am bored”

Granny used to say very affectionately to mother Chirag “So why don’t you help your mother in running the shop”

Chirag is happy to hear this and immediately sets out for the shop.

Chirag arrives at the shop. Rupa also gets very happy to see Chirag come to help her at the shop and asks her to sit on her neck.

Chirag is also very happy. Rupa used to give goods to customers and Chirag used to take money.

From the next day Chirag used to go to help Roopa daily.

One day Chirag’s friend came to the shop his name was Ravi. Chirag took leave from the shop that day and went to play with his friend.

The next day after school, Ravi started meeting Chirag everyday. Ravi started growing his friendship with Chirag.

Chirag and Ravi had now become good friends, roamed together and used to laugh and play.

Ravi told Chirag while playing the game, “Chirag, even after having such a big shop, you did not feed me chocolate. ”

Ravi felt bad after hearing this and he also said, “Okay friend, I will bring chocolate for you every day from tomorrow.” ”

From the next day Chirag started stealing chocolate everyday from the shop. Ravi and Chirag started eating chocolate every day, this trend continued for several days.

One day, Rupa’s knowledge fell on the chocolates, and he saw the chocolates were decreasing day by day, but the chocolates were not being sold at all.

That day, Rupa looked at the box of chocolates and saw that Chirag took out two chocolates and kept them in his pocket.

After some time Chirag left the shop and today Rupa secretly chased him, like today, Chirag went to Ravi and the two started eating chocolate together.

Rupa came out and grabbed Chirag’s ear and took her ear and brought it home.

Seeing Roopa Kochira’s ear so angry, Roopa’s mane asked, “What happened that caught his ear and brought it home?” ”

Rupa said angrily “Mother today Chirag stole from her own shop”

Hearing this, Chirag’s grandmother asked Rupa to go inside.

As soon as Rupa went inside, she told her grandmother everything in the lamp.

Nani explained to Chirag “If a friend tells you to steal, he is not your true friend, such friends try to take advantage of you.” ”

Hearing about Chirag’s death, he went to his mother crying and said to her, “I will never steal from now on”

Learned a good lesson in lamp that day and stopped stealing and bad company.