Four Greedy Brahmin Panchatantra Story for kids

Panchatantra Story for kids – One day, four Brahmins were roaming inside the forest. After some time, he saw an ashram. Yogi Nanda used to live in that ashram. The four Brahmins went towards that ashram, Yogi ji went out and asked, who are you people, and why have you come here.

Guruji, we have heard a lot about your unique power, we are blessed to meet you, will you show us your miracle too? Yogi ji thought, these Brahmins have come here with good intentions, I should help them. Yogi went inside the ashram and brought four belches and handed them to the Brahmins.

Take this shovel and there is a pool near the village, there is a fig tree near that pool, dig the red soil near that tree, and try your luck. The four Brahmins arrived at that place with a shovel, and started digging. The first Brahmin found a copper rock while digging. O-O is amazing, copper rock, let’s go and share it among ourselves.

Oh no, we should sleep, and haven’t got it yet, we should keep digging. You can go if you want. The first Brahmin was satisfied, he went back. O God, silver, how lucky I am, let’s go and share it among ourselves, Sayed Yogi, was talking about this treasure.

We have not got the gold yet, we will keep trying, you will go if you want. You can The second Brahmin, satisfied with his attainment, went back. Look, we got the gold, let’s fill it in the sack. Looks like no, this is a special place, first copper then silver then gold.

If I make a little more effort, I might get diamonds. You can go, I will come back only with diamonds. Do not be so greedy, now you will not get anything in the end, we have got so much in the past too, let’s go. Neither I will come with diamonds, you will see.

The fourth Brahmin kept digging, and was also tired, and it was too late, but he did not stop digging. While digging, a lamp was formed on the ground, and suddenly Brahma fell into it, he found himself in a different world. And when he got up, he saw one man, on whose head one, the circle was spinning.

Brahmin was shocked. He asked, who are you, and what are you doing here. And on your head, how is this chakra? As soon as Brahmins asked like this, suddenly and Chakra came to his head, and started to roam. What is this, take this cycle away from me.

I cannot do anything, it is all in the hands of God, greedy people fall here, now you have to protect this treasure, you will not feel earthquake, nor thirst, nor will your age grow, even from death, you will be free. First, tell me, how can I get rid of this cycle.

When greedy people dig more, they fall here, someone else will fall like you. Oh no, such a big responsibility, I cannot bear the weight of this cycle, since when it was on your head. I do not know, I came this many years ago, when the rule of Maharaj Ram was going on.

I also got copper, silver, and gold, but I fell here in the greed of diamonds, I just don’t have anything else to say. Saying this, the seeker went back with the same clue. This is what he was digging, don’t know where he has gone, oh listen, my friend was digging here with me, have you seen him somewhere?

The seeker started laughing, and told the third brahmin the whole incident, brahmin forced and disappointed, went back home. Even after getting copper, silver, and gold, you did not stop. If you too had returned with us, all this would not have happened. Forgive me friend, now I can not help you.

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