Honesty reward Short Moral Story in english

A long time ago, a painter lived in a small village called Papula.

He was very honest, but being very poor, he used to do paint work from house to house.

His income was a lot of work, very hard he used to go to his house.

Even after working hard for the whole day, he was able to get only two breads.

He always wanted that he should get some big work which would improve his income.

But he also used to do small tasks with great dedication and honesty.

One day he was called by the village Landlord and said.

Landlord: –  Listen Babulal, I have called you here for a very important work, will you do that work?

Babulal: – I will definitely do it, tell me what is the work?

Landlord: – I want you to paint my boat, and this work should be done today.

Babulal: – Yes, I will do this work today.

Babulal Bohot happy to get the job of painting the boat

Landlord: – Oh that is all right, tell me how much money will be taken for this work?

Babulal: – Well it takes 1500 of this work, give the rest what you like.

Landlord: – Hmm okay you will get 1500 but the work should be good.

Babulal: – Sir, do not worry, you will get good work.

The Landlord takes Babulal to the banks of the river to show the boat, after seeing the boat Babulal asks the landlord for some time and goes to get his goods.

As soon as Babulal arrives, he starts coloring the boat. He saw when Babulal was coloring the boat.

Babulal: – Hey there is a hole in this boat, in such a way this boat will sink.

Having said that, he fills the hole, and paints Nav.

Then he goes to the Landlord and says.

Babulal: – The work of the Huzur boat is complete, you should take a look.

Landlord: – Come right.

Then both of them reach the river bank, seeing the boat the landowner speaks.

Landlord: – Oh, wow, Babulal, you have done a very good job, so do you come tomorrow morning and take your wages.

Babulal: – Okay, Hazur.

And then they both go to their respective homes.

The family of the Landlord go to roam the river the next day in the same boat.

In the evening Ramu, the landlord’s servant who also took care of his boat, returns from vacation.

And not seeing the family at home, asks the landlord about the family.

The Landlord tells him the matter, Ramu gets worried after hearing the landlord, seeing him worried, the landlord asks:

Landlord: – What happened Ramu, why did you get worried after hearing this?

Ramu: – Sarkar, but there was a hole in that boat.

The Landlord also gets worried after listening to Ramu.

That’s when his family comes back for a full day’s fun.

Seeing them safe, the Landlord breathes peace.

Then the next day the Landlord calls Babulal and says.

Landlord: – Take this, Babulal, your labor, you have done a great job, I am very happy.

Babulal counts with money and he is surprised because he had more money, he tells the Landlord.

Babulal: – Hazur, you have given me more money.

Landlord: – No, Babulal, I did not give it by mistake, it is your hard earned money.

Babulal: – But there was talk of 1500 between us, Hazur, this is 6000, so how did this happen to my hard work?

Landlord: – Because you have done a great job.

Babulal: – How is the work done?

Landlord: – You filled the hole of this boat, I did not even know about it, if you wanted to, you could leave it like this, or ask for more money for it,

But you did not do it at all, because of which my family could safely ride that boat, if you did not fill that hole then my family could have drowned, today they are safe because of you, so this money is your hard work And are of integrity.

Babulal: – However, even then, it does not make much money to fill this hole.

Landlord: – Just Babulal, just don’t say anything now, this money belongs to you, you keep it.

Babulal  was very much happy after listening to the landlord and taking the money and started saying.

Babulal: -, thank you very much Landlord sir.

Having said this, he happily left from there.

Moral of the story: – This story teaches us that we should do our work with utmost sincerity and honesty.

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