150 word short independence day essay for kids

Essay on independence day

The Independence Day reminds us of those nationalists who battled and passed on or endured to win opportunity for us.

India got to be free on Eminent 15, 1947.

On this day our to begin with Prime Serve Pt . Jawahar Lal Nehru spread out the National flag at the Red fort for the primary time.

From this time forward it is celebrated all over India with a awesome energy.

Individuals hold gatherings, fly the tricolor and sing the National Song of devotion.

There’s a incredible eagerness among them.

In Delhi, the Capital of India, this day is celebrated with awesome ceremony and appear.

The Prime Serve spreads out the National flag.

A honour of Respect is given by the police and army force.

A salute of 31 weapons is let go.

After the Prime Minister’s discourse the work comes to an conclusion with the presentation of Jana Gana Mana.



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