Intelligent teaman moral story of kids

There used to be a tea man named Harish in a village named Baghpur.

He had a ready made tea.

Many types of people used to come in his ready.

One is inexpensive to have tea, on top of that he used to get some free Khor friends or some hungry thirsty would come to his shop.

Seeing this, Harish would give them tea too and Harish was upset about this.

Harish tells his wife as soon as he reaches home.

Harish: Take this today’s rupee, today you have received the same money again, even after working so hard, there is no earning. You can get only ₹ 1 in 1 tea and sometimes some free Khor friend or a hungry thirsty person comes all the way.

Hear this, Harish’s wife says.

Suman: – It is a virtuous work to give tea to a hungry thirsty person and he has free cravings and he also eats his luck. You don’t think too much about it, I cook for you.

Harish does not think much about it.

Tea ready is a place where people meet and talk to each other on the pretext of tea. The tea-seller Harish gives them tea and listens intently to their sorrow and pain.

One day some people are talking about green tea ready.

First customer (Bhola) Bhola, I need some money. One, my wife is ill and if I want to go to the hospital with her, then I need some money.

I have not received my salary, another customer Suman, otherwise I would have given it to you, why do you not ask Harish bro to see it.

Bhola asks Harish bro, brother, will you have ₹ 500, I have to go to the hospital with my wife.

Harish bro gives money to Bhola.

After a few days Bhola comes back with money and gives it to Harish bro.

Thank you, Bhola, brother, you helped me a lot during my trouble, Harish brother.

Harish is very happy to hear this. He is about to keep his money that a man comes and says.

Customer brother, I need ₹ 200 so can you give me some time, I will return to you the day after tomorrow.

Harish also gives him money.

After some two-three days, the man comes to Harish bro’s ready and returns Harish’s ₹ 200.

The same evening a man comes and says Harish bro, Bhola has sent me can you lend me ₹ 1000?

Harish says brother, I have helped Bhola like this.

Then the man says (crying) says Harish bro help me, I will give you back the money tomorrow.

Harish bro don’t cry, take this money and give it to him.

After giving the money, Harish is afraid that the man should not run away with the money. The next morning, the man comes to the truth and returns the bundle of notes to Harish. When Harish counts the money, Harish tells the man that he got ₹ 200 more.

Harish bro, I only gave you thousand rupees and you gave me ₹ 200 more, you keep this ₹ 200 back.

Then the man says no brother, keep this ₹ 200 only. You have helped me a lot by giving money. You keep this, when you are used to it, then use this money. Yes, brother, you keep this money.

Harish keeps ₹ 200 separately in his top pocket. As soon as Harish goes home, his wife Suman is happy to see Jalebi in his hand.

Suman (says happily) Oh wow! Today you have brought Jalebi, my favorite  Jalebi. I had not eaten for 4 months.

Suman asks Hari how to bring Jalebi today ?

Harish I had helped a man a few days ago by giving him a thousand rupees. In return, he gave me ₹ 200 more and gave me a profit of ₹ 200.

Suman gets happy on hearing this.

Suman (happily) says, “Hey there, I saw the result of doing well.

Harish gets happy after getting ₹ 200, in that affair Harish is unable to sleep overnight and starts thinking that on his ready many such people cry for money why not if I lend money to others and in return, If I take extra money from people, then a new source of my earnings will start.

From the next morning, Harish used to focus not only on making tea, but also on the things of the people. Some people would ask Harish for the help of money, otherwise Harish would have offered his help by himself, gradually it spread that Harish would give money to the people and would take some more money in return.

Gradually, she turned the money into a charger. Initially, Harish used to keep some amount in his pocket and by noon, he would have filled the pocket. She bought a new vault but after some time the vault also started falling.

A small tea ready then turned into a big shop, the business of Harish Chai was left on the side and the money transaction business started running loudly. Now people started coming to Harish Chai Wale for money transactions.

One day Dinayal comes to brother Harish and says.

Deendayal Harish bro can you lend me some money? My daughter is married.

Harish Deendayal, please give it anytime. Your daughter is our daughter too, get married happily.

Harish Chai Wale had a feeling of no help, rather he was a very good man. After some time, he created respect in the four villages around him that when the next head of the village was elected, the people named Harish bro as the head. Put it ahead.

Harish teaman refused but no one believed. All those whom Harish helped inadvertently helped him become the head of the village by winning him with a huge vote. teaman’s wife was very happy to see her husband as the main one.

Suman (Harish’s wife), what magic have you done, directly from the teaman.

What should I tell Harish Suman, I know only one thing. No matter how small a person is, life gives him a chance to move forward. If he takes advantage of it with his intelligence, then a person can win even the biggest battle.

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