Sweet seller moral story in english for kids

There used to be a sweets shop named Dholu in a village, it had a big sweets shop.

His sweets were famous all over the village.

Sweet seller: – Which kind of dessert would you like to give.

One day the village moneylender’s son had a wedding, so he comes to the shop of the moneylender Dholu.

Moneylender: – My son is married, I want 50 kilos of sweets.

Sweet seller:- Yes, moneylender, you will get your sweets in time.

Dholu takes all the goods from the market and gets engaged in his work as soon as nightfall.

The scent of sweet flies comes in a while and starts eating sweets.

Seeing the flies eating sweets, the sweet man tries his best to drive the flies away.

The flies run away from there but return again after some time.

Seeing the flies coming back and eating sweets, he says, “O God, these flies used to come back, I have tasted spades right now.” “

Sweet seller used to run the flies again and again. But the flies fly from there and sit on the dessert again.

Seeing this, the wife of the sweetheart says, “Hey, poor flies will be very hungry. We should help them. Let them eat some sweet.” “

When the sweetheart and his wife are letting the bees eat the sweets, a member of the village sees them through the window.

On the second day some moneylender men come and take the sweets.

The next day Dholu and his wife are resting at home, then suddenly all the people of the village come and ask Dholu to come out of her house.

The moneylender fires because the villagers fell ill after eating dholu sweets.

The moneylender angrily said to the sweetheart, “Today the whole village became ill because of you. “

But Dholu would refuse to accept all this and say “I did nothing. “

Then how is the member of the village “I have seen flies eating sweets with my eyes.”

All the people and moneylenders of the village get angry and start beating Dholu.

Seeing Dholu being killed, his wife thinks in his heart, “God, what has happened, we were helping the flies.” “

Moral: – We should think about the consequences before doing anything.


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