Lazy Child l Kids Story in english

It occurred a long time ago. 

In a village, a wealthy moneylender lived with his wife and son.

His son’s name was Sumit, he was very lazy while the moneylender was very hardworking.

He used to visit the Shiva temple every morning before sunrise and after that he used to walk around his fields and where his work was spread.

The moneylender was very upset with his son’s sluggishness, then one day –

The moneylender (to his son) – Get up son, walk in the fields with me and do some work.

Son – not now, father, let me sleep now

The moneylender went to the fields alone after getting upset and after some time the health of the moneylender started deteriorating and he died within a few days.

Even after the moneylender died, his lazy son did not pay attention to the business, which caused a lot of loss in his business.

Seeing this, Sumit’s mother said to her very sadly –

Mother (from her son) – Son, we are suffering a lot in business.

Son – So what can I do in this? Where do I understand the business? I have not even gone to the farm with my father till date.

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Mother – do one thing, your maternal grandfather lives in another village, he has a lot of understanding of this business, you go and meet him, he will surely have some solution for this.

Son – ok mother, I will leave tomorrow.

Next morning Sumit went to Nana

Sumit – Pranam Nana ji

Nana – be happy tell me son how come

Sumit – After the passing of father, we are suffering a lot of loss in business, mother told you that you have a lot of understanding of business, so now you can find a solution to my problem.

Nana – Your mother is absolutely right, son, I have a solution for your problem.

All you have to do is to go to the Shiva temple every morning before the sun rises like your father and after that as far as your work is spread there you have to do it every day.

From the very next day, Sumit started getting up before the sun rose and first went to the Shiva temple and then went to the place where his work was spread.

He used to go to the farm every morning and then to the ration shop and then to the buffaloes.

It continued like this for a long time, seeing the workers coming to work every day, the workers started talking among themselves and said –

Laborers – You have seen the bosses are now coming to see work every day

Second laborer – yes it seems that now we have to stop this scam.

Laborer – You are right otherwise we will get stuck.

Slowly, all the workers saw that Sumit started walking around his shop and fields every day and for fear of being caught, the workers stopped scamming.

Due to the closure of the scam, the loss of business also stopped and slowly Sumit and his mother became as rich as before and Sumit told his mother –

Sumit – look mother we became rich as before

Mother – You are right, son, you should thank your grandfather

And then Sumit went to his maternal grandfather and obeyed his mother and told Nana –

Sumit – Nana ji Bohot Bohot Thank you because of you our business started running again and we became rich again as before.

Nanaji – son, I did nothing in it, you have done everything in it.

Sumit – Nana ji, I did not understand anything.

Nanaji – All this was happening due to your laziness, because of your highness you were not paying attention in your business, taking advantage of which your workers were scamming in the business.

Now because you start going to work every day, your workers stopped scam and your work went on due to fear of being caught.

Hearing this, Sumit realized his mistake and gave up laziness and started managing his business very diligently.

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