King and silly monkey moral story for kids

Once there was a king he went for hunting, he found a monkey who was sitting on a tree and plucking fruit from the tree and giving it to the king.

The king liked this thing and took the monkey to the palace.

Now wherever the king went, he would go with the monkey king, he became his best friend.

Even after becoming a friend of the king, that monkey was very foolish. Being the king’s favorite, he was allowed to go everywhere in the palace without any hindrance.

He was respected in the royal palace. Even he could comfortably come to the king’s room, where even the servants of the king were not allowed to come and go.

One day the king was sleeping comfortably in his room and was guarding the monkey king near his bed.

At the same time, the monkey saw that a fly came and sat on the king’s nose.

The monkey banished him once, after a while, the fly again sat on the nose of the king, the monkey again drove him away from his hands.

After a while the monkey saw again, the fly came again and sat on the king’s nose.

The king’s sleep was deteriorating due to the repeated arrival of the fly and this was making the monkey angry.

He got angry and tried to kill the fly, but she used to fly again and again.

The king had a sword with the monkey. The monkey raised that sword and looked for a chance to kill the fly.

After some time, the fly came again and this time again sat on the king’s nose.

The monkey was already ready, he saw no avail and attacked the fly with a sword.

The king’s nose was cut but he was badly injured.

Learning: – Beware of silly friends, they can do more damage than your enemy.

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