The wolf came moral story for children with lession

There lived a devil boy in a village. He did not care about anything.

He used to do devils with the people of the village all the time.

Her family members were very upset with her habits. Because of that his father gave him the job of grazing sheep.

But there too his devilishness did not diminish.

One day when the sheep started getting fed by the sheep, they thought of a devil.

The boy ran towards the village and shouted “Save the wolf came, the wolf came”

After listening to his voice, all the people of the village leave their hand work and run away.

Seeing their escape, the boy is very much mistaken.

They get angry at the actions of that boy from poor village and return to their work.

A few days pass. The devil boy begins to shatter the same wolf.

The villagers then hear his voice and run for help.

But that devil boy is signed on him again.

They get angry at the actions of that poor villager and then return to their work.

A few days later, when the boy is resting while grazing the sheep, then suddenly the voice of the wolf is heard.

The boy is frightened to hear the voice of the real wolf.

In a few moments the wolf reaches them. The boy looks at the wolf, climbs to a nearby tree and starts shouting “Save the wolf came, the wolf came”

The villagers hear her scream but no one comes to help her.

The wolf devours all the sheep of the boy one by one.

The poor boy keeps crying with his hands on his head.

He loses all his sheep because of a lie.

Lesson: – Nobody believes the liar’s words.


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