Heron’s moral story in English for kids

There was an ordinary shepherd in Japan. His name was Musai. One day he was grazing the cows. A heron came flying and fell near his feet. Mosesai lifted the heron. Probably the eagle had wounded the heron. The red feathers of blood were on the white wings. Poor bird. There was a tearing face again and again. Mosesai lovingly turned his hand on him. Taking him near the water, washed his wings. Poured some water into the beak. The bird got courage. He flew in a while. A few days later A beautiful rich girl prayed to Musai’s mother and she was married to Musai.

Mosesai was very happy, her woman was very good. She used to serve Mosesai and her mother very diligently. She used to do all the household work on her own. She used to walk around. She did not have to put her hand in any work of the house.

A matter of luck – there was a famine in the country. Nothing happened in the fields. In search of wages, Mosesai came to Tokyo with mother and woman. Where do you get wages soon? Moussaai had spent his money. He had to fast. Then his lady said – “I will make the muslin. You sell it. But when I add the muslin boon, no one comes to my room.”

There was nothing in Musaey’s understanding. He did not know how to make his woman muslin? But Musaiah was straightforward. He had complete faith in his woman. His woman had never said a lie before. Then there was no money nearby. Somehow, if you find a way to get some money, then work of the house is done.

Musaai obeyed the woman’s voice. When the woman did not ask for anything, what was the harm in accepting her? She told her mother that when her woman closes her room, no one should call her and neither do her Go to the room too. Light muslin like milk and small red splashes on it – The muslin made by the woman of Mosesai was amazing. It shone like silk. It was very tender. When Musai went to sell it, King Mikado himself bought the muslin. Mosesai found gold pieces. Now Mosesai became rich. His woman would make muslin and he would sell it.

One day Musai thought – ‘My lady does not take any cotton, nor color. How does she make the muslin? ‘

Mosesai went to look through the window in secret, when the woman had closed the room to make the muslin. Mosesai saw that there is no woman inside. A light heron is sitting. He pulls a thin wire through his wings and weaves muslin. He has a wound around his neck. The blood of the wound he sprinkles on the claw cloth and splashes. Mosesai understood that the heron has become a woman and is giving revenge for the favor.

Musai was surprised. A small heron has given such a revenge for benevolence; Thinking this filled his heart. Tears welled up in his eyes. That is where the limit is left. She forgot the fact that her lady has forbidden that no one should come to see her while weaving muslin. He does not even remember why he stands there. At the same time, the mother of Mosesai called. Mosesai spoke. Heron startled and flew through the window.

Moral of story – One who has mercy on the living beings must have great benefit.

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