Poor flight motivational kids story

Poor flight motivational kids story

In a small village there used to be a woman named Saku Bai. She was very poor.

Saku Bai used to live in a rented house with her son. Her husband had passed for 2 years.

Saku Bai’s son’s name was Rajesh. Rajesh was very promising in studies.

After the passing of her husband, all the responsibility of running the house came to Saku Bai’s head, as well as the burden of education of Rajesh.

Saku Bai always thought that her son should become a big officer.

When Saku Bai used to work, Rajesh would go with her and go to the house of Sakhubai and wash utensils, then she would make food somewhere.

Rajesh used to read the newspaper which came to the house of the people sitting.

One day when Rajesh started reading the newspaper, a mistress said angrily, “Hey Rajesh, will you become a great officer after reading the newspaper? It will be better if you help the mother’s work, at least it will help her.” “

Rajesh also lovingly replied, “Mistress, I have to become a big officer. I have to become a collector, so we cannot take books, so I read newspapers for more knowledge. “

Mistress laughs loudly “You and the collector have seen your face. “

Saku Bai felt bad about it and both of them left.

Saku Bai started the work of making rotis at weddings. She used to make 15-20 kg loaves alone. For this, she started her work at 3:00 am and Rajesh would get up with her and help the mother’s mother. Used to do his studies.

Rajesh used to study under the lantern and his mother also made rotis in the light of the same lantern.

In the same way, Rajesh studied hard for the next few years, and seeing the passion of Rajesh always topped the class, his Guruji advised him to go to Delhi and Rajesh took the responsibility to raise his own expenses.

Rajesh was now 22 years old. Rajesh went to Delhi and studied a lot, for hours I kept reading books in the library.

One day when the exam time came, he was stung by a carriage.

Rajesh fell to the ground with injuries to his head and left arm.

Rajesh used to write with a left hand since childhood. He thought that if he goes to the hospital now, he will not be able to give the exam.

Taking a step, Rajesh reached the exam center and completed the exam by writing the entire exam with his right hand and then went to the hospital for his treatment.

Rajesh also continued his studies in the hospital and went for an interview. After giving the interview, Rajesh went back to his mother’s village for a few days.

After a few days, on the day of the result, the mother bought the newspaper and asked Rajesh to see the result, Rajesh shouted loudly after seeing the result and said, “I have become the mother.” “

On hearing this, Rajesh’s mother’s tears came from her and both of them started crying.

Lesson: – We should always work hard to achieve our goal, whether the world laughs at us or makes fun of us, we should always pursue our goal, success is definitely achieved.

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