Trust Motivational story about Life

Trust Motivational story about Life

once upon a time. Two children lived in a village called Shyampur, Chintu and Pintu.

Chintu was 6 years old, but Pintu is a very good friend of 10 years and used to play together most of the time.

One day Chintu and Pintu go to play near the forest, a little away from the village.

While playing, Pintu falls into a well and starts screaming, because he could not swim, and started thinking that he would drown and die.

Seeing Pintu drowning in the well, Chintu could not understand what to do now.

He looks around, but both of them were so far away from the village that neither was visible to them nor could anyone hear their voice.

Then Chintu sees an iron bucket near the well which was tied with a long rope. Chintu, without losing time, throws the iron rising inside the well and tells Pintu to tightly hold the bucket.

Chintu starts pulling the rope and pulling until Pintu comes out of the well.

Both are happy to see Pintu coming out of the well and hug each other and go towards the village.

When the two children tell this story to their families and the village at home, no one believes them, because Chintu was too young to pick up an iron bucket filled with water.

For this reason the people of the village also refused to believe that Chintu drove Pintu out of the well but an old man named Ramu believed the story of both of them.

The villagers asked the old man, “How can this happen?” ”

The old man was very experienced. He laughed. “What is there to explain, Chintu told how he did it, threw it into the party well and pulled the rope and saved Pintu.” It is surprising that from where did he bring so much power?

The uncle also said that “at that time there was no one who could tell Chintu that he could not even Chintu himself thought that he could not”

In the end, the uncle said, “If we believe in ourselves and do something, nothing can stop us from completing that work”.

Lesson: – We should trust ourselves.


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