Hard work or wisdom motivational story for employees

motivational story for employees

Amit and Abhinav had two friends, both of them were very close friends, after the completion of studies, both of them got a job at the same place. After getting the job, both of them talk to each other in the canteen.

Amit: – After years of hard work, finally both of us got the job, now we will freeze here too.

Innovation: – Yes, we will get a promotion in just a few years.

Amit: – Promotion must be met, we who work so hard, even our bosses will not be able to refuse us.

Both of them are reluctant on this matter.

Innovation: Come on, lunch break is over, we should go.

After eating both the food, they start working on their work, now they have passed a year, the time for promotion has also come, which they are eagerly waiting for.

Amit (laughing): Abhinav I think, this year I will get a promotion only, you prepare for the next year.

Abhinav: Why not, but I think that this year I will get promotion only for you to do next year (yer say laughing). Ok good cool boss has come.

In this case, the bosses of both come. In the promotion, his boss walks away from him by taking the name of Basav Abhinav, Amit is shocked by not listening to his name in the promotion and he gets very angry, when Abhinav speaks to him.

Abhinav: No matter Amit it happens, you too have worked very hard, maybe our boss may not have liked anything, but you will definitely get a promotion the next time you see it.

Without saying anything, Amit goes out of it, and starts thinking about sitting on his seat.

Amit: – I also worked hard throughout the year, but why did Abhinav get promotion only? Why can’t I do this, I will leave this job today.

Amit angrily asks the boss to leave the job.

Amit: – I cannot do this job, I want to leave this job today.

Boss: – But why, what happened to you all of a sudden.

Amit: – Sir, I have been working hard for the last one year. I and Abhinav came to work together but why the promotion just to Abhinav. This is totally wrong sir, it seems you only promote those who flatter you.

In anger, Amit tells his boss such wrong things that he should not have said. The boss hears his sari talk carefully and then speaks.

Boss: – Look, Amit, I know that you have worked hard but not as much as you should have done.

Amit: – I know how hard I have worked. I just don’t want to do this.

Boss: – Ok, I will give you promotion as well and good salary from Abhinav but you will have to do one of my work.

Amit: – Okay, I will.

Boss: – Go to the market or find out who is selling mangoes.

Amit: – Okay.

After a while Amit returns from the market and tells his boss.

Amit: Sir, only one man is selling mangoes in the market.

Boss: – Ok, now go and find out how many rupees a mango is getting.

After hearing this, Amit goes to the market again and comes back after finding out the price of mangoes.

Amit: Sir, we are getting fifty rupees of mangoes in the market.

Boss: – Okay, now I will do the same to Abhinav.

The boss calls Abhinav and sends him to the market. After hearing all, Abhinav goes to the market and goes to find the price of mangoes.

After finding out, Abhinav returns from the market and tells his boss.

Abhinav: Sir, only one man is selling mangoes in the market. If we buy all the mangoes from him, he will give us all the mangoes in 60 rupees kg, he has 60 kilos of mangoes. If we sell all the mangoes in the market for 50 rupees, then we will get a lot of profit.

Amit is very surprised to hear Abhinav and he realizes his mistake.

He comes to know that nothing happens just by working hard, we should also use our wisdom. Amit gives up the matter of quitting his job and decides to work by staying the same.

Moral: – We should always use our intelligence while working. Work is always good when hard work and wisdom are combined.



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