Begger became a Doctor । motivational story for students

Begger became a Doctor । motivational story for students

Once upon a time, a Bhikari named Jagan used to live with his daughter Gauri in a village named Kashipur.

Gauri’s mother had passed away and Jagan was not seen properly, which is why he could not find work anywhere.

Jagan was forced to beg with his daughter Gauri to feed but Gauri did not like begging. She wanted to write studies.

When Gauri came with her father to Sethani’s house in the village, begging to see her son Raju reading there, he felt very bad for himself and seeing this, Sethani would taunt him.

Seeing people reading, Gauri also decided to become a doctor and thought of opening a hospital in the village.

One day Gauri seated her father outside the temple with Rahim Chacha and she herself started earning money by selling toys in the village for several days, and then one day she met the village teacher and went to study in a government school.

After returning from school, Gauri would send toys and earn money and take care of her father, Gauri would stay awake all night and study and always pass a good number in class.

Seeing the courage and success of Gauri, Sethani and other villagers were surprised and he was also jealous of Jagan and Gauri.

Gauri passes every year with good marks and teacher Renu also helps Gauri in her studies. Gradually time passed and Gauri grew older.

He completed his school with his hard work and dedication and to complete his studies to become a doctor, he took the examination for admission in college and he also topped. On hearing this news, both Gauri’s father and teacher Renu were very happy.

But now Gauri had to leave her father and go to the city for her studies.

Gauri went to the city to study.

Over time, Gauri was progressing towards her dreams very rapidly.

A few years later, epidemic disease spread rapidly in the village, Renu’s father Sethani and his son Raju became very ill and remained in a small government hospital in the city.

But no doctor came for many days, everyone started praying for life to a very sad sad God.

Then a nurse told everyone “The greatest doctor Sahiba from the city is about to come for treatment” Hearing this, the villagers became very happy.

Then a car stopped in front of the hospital and one of the doctors, the northern city sarpanch, garlanded him and welcomed him.

When the doctor entered the hospital, the villagers were surprised to see him because the doctor was none other than Gauri.

Gauri took blessings by touching her father’s feet and she started treating all the villagers, all were cured with Gauri’s treatment in a few days.

Gauri also underwent surgery on her father’s eyes and brought back the light of his eyes.

Due to Gauri’s dedication and success, the entire village was once again free from pandemics.

All the villagers realized their mistake and they all gave Gauri a garland of garlands. Jai Jai started calling her name. Seeing this, the chest of Gauri’s father widened with pride.

Education: – If a work is done with hard work, dedication and determination, then we definitely get success in it.

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