Magic conch motivational story for success

Magic conch motivational story for success

There used to be a boy named Ramu in a village, he was very lazy. He did not like working at all.

Ramu used to live with his mother. Seeing his condition, his mother always scolded me.

One such day when Ramu’s mother is afraid of Ramu and Ramu gets up and goes out of his house.

After some time Ramu goes outside the village. After Ramu goes outside the village, Ramu sees a temple and stops there and sleeps in the Ram temple itself.

Suddenly a sound starts coming from inside the temple Ramu immediately breaks down and Ramu’s attention goes to the talking conch and Ramu is shocked.

Ramu asks him with surprise, “Are you a magic conch?” “

Shankh says, “I will give whatever you ask for.” “

Ramu is happy to hear the conch and he says “can you give me so much money that I never need to do any work?” “

The conch says “Ha sure, but you have to do one of my jobs instead. are your ready ? “

Ramu asks happily, “What work should you say?” “

Shankh says, “You have to hold me under a sack of rice, if you can do this work, I will give you a lot of money. If you cannot do it, you will get a lesson.” “

Ramu finds this task very easy and Ramu gets ready for this task.

Upon hearing the magic conch, Ramu happily goes to his house and picks up a sack of rice.

Ramu’s mother asks him about it but Ramu is in his own tune.

While leaving the house, Ramu is happily seen carrying a sack of rice and the people of the village are also surprised to see Ramu’s happiness.

Ramu comes to the temple with a sack of rice and puts a little rice and puts the magic conch on top and pours the rest of the sack on the conch shell.

The conch is completely covered Ramu is happy, then suddenly rice starts slipping from below and the conch starts coming up.

He is surprised to see Ramu Shankha coming over the rice.

The conch laughs and says, “Ram, try once. “

Ramu starts putting rice again on the conch, but the conch would come back up. Ramu tries again and again, but the conch keeps coming up.

After a while Ramu becomes soaked with sweat and gets tired, the villagers start laughing at Ramu after seeing Ramu’s condition.

Then Ramu is told by one of the villagers, “Ramu you will grow old, but you will not be able to press the conch under the rice.” “

Saying this, all the villagers laugh and leave.

Ramu is frustrated that he sits down.

Shankh says to him “Ramu does not find anything in the world without hard work.”


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