Sneaky Stone motivational story real life

Once upon a time there used to be a sculptor named Mohan in a village.

Mohan used to make very beautiful sculptures.

People from all the nearby villages used to come to Mohan to get the idols made.

One day Mohan was working on making sculptures outside his house, when some people from the village come there.

One of them is like, “Hey brother, we have to install an idol of Ganesha in our village and for that we need a beautiful idol of Ganesha. “

Mohan says “Yes, yes, why not, but it will take at least a week for the idol of Ganesha. “

The man says, “Take 10 days a week, but the idol should be a very beautiful banny.” “

Mohan says, “Yes, of course you don’t worry, I will make such an idol that all the villagers will be left watching. “

The people of the village said, “Ok Mohan, we will come after a week to get the idol. “

Mohan goes to the back of his house where he had collected a lot of stones to make the idol. Two of them choose strong stones to make the idol.

Mohan comes in front of his house with a stone, where he used to make sculptures.

To break the stone, he brings the chisel and the hammer, as soon as he is about to break the stone, then suddenly a sound comes from the stone.

The stone shouted loudly, “Don’t kill me”

Mohan starts to look around, but he does not see anyone, he starts breaking stones again.

The stone recalls saying, “No, don’t hit me. I am afraid of this hammer and I cannot bear this hammer wound.” “

Mohan contemplates contemplation. “This stone turned out to be very sneaky. It is of no use to me.” “

Mohan puts that stone on his side and starts his work by taking another stone, Mohan starts breaking other stones too but he silently suffers his wounds.

Now the stone kept on the side started to enjoy and he snatched the other stone and hitting it with his hand, he said, “Brother, why are you enjoying it? If you are in pain, then tell the sculptor, he will also leave you.” “

That poor stone speaks nothing and bears hammer wounds and within a few days Mohan makes a beautiful idol from that stone.

A few days later the villagers come to collect the idol.

One of them would say to Mohan, “Mohan bhai kya idol is ready.” “

Mohan would also affectionately say, “Yes, the idol is ready.” “

The people of the village who came to collect the idol started applauding upon seeing that idol.

The people of the village standing there said to Mohan, “Oh wow, you have made a very beautiful idol. “

The people of the village liked the idol but they needed another stone. They asked Mohan, “Brother, we will get one more stone. Can we get a stone to break the coconut?” “

Mohan said, “Yes, of course, take this, I don’t need it anymore.” “

Mohan hands over the coward stone and the idol of Ganesha to the villagers.

People move towards the temple with that stone and idol.

Soon after the installation of the idol in the temple, a crowd of devotees gathered outside the temple.

Stone what are you doing don’t leave me slogans hurts me

Gradually, all the people of the village started coming to the temple and started worshiping Ganesh ji and offered pedas and laddus as offerings and bring coconuts from Mohan and started throwing coconuts on the other stone.

Ganesh ji’s idol asked with timid stone “Why brother is having fun?” “

The timid stone became depressed and he said, “Fun, you have pedas getting modak and everyone is folding their hands in front of you. My coconut is bursting at me.” “

The idol of Ganesha says, “If you had endured a little wound that day, you would have been in my place today.” “

Education: – We should face trouble without fear.