Sculptor Motivational story with moral lesson

Used to do an idol in a village. He used to make a lot of beautiful sculptures and he earned a lot from this work.

He had a son. That child started making idols from childhood, the son also used to make very good sculptures and his father was also happy on the success of the son.

Whenever the son made any idols, the father used to remove some deficiencies in each of his idols. He would always say “He has done very well but next time try to remove this deficiency”.

The son also cannot complain, he would continue to improve his idols by following the advice of his father.

Similarly, due to the continuous improvement, the idols of the son started becoming better than the father’s and a time came when people bought the son’s idols by paying a lot of money. While the idols of the father continued to be sold at the same previous price.

The father still used to remove the shortcomings in the idols of the son, but the son did not like it anymore and he would accept those deficiencies without mind and rectify his shortcomings.

There was a time when the son’s patience responded. While removing the drawbacks of the father, the son said, “You say as if you are a very big sculptor, if you had the same understanding, then your idols would not be sold at a low price, I do not think I need to take your advice. My idols are very It is good. ”

When the father listened to the daughter, he stopped advising his son and removing the flaws in his idols.

A couple of months the boy was happy, but then he noticed that people no longer admired his idols as much as they used to do earlier, and the price of his idols had also stopped increasing.

Initially, the son did not understand, but then he went to his father and told him about the problem.

The father listened to his son very carefully as if he already knew that one day it would come.

The son also noticed this and asked, “Did you know that this is going to happen?” ”

The father also replied “Yes, … many years ago today, I also collided with the same condition. ”

The son asked, “Then you explained to me why not?”

The father said, “Because you didn’t want to understand.” I know that I do not make as many good idols as you, it can also be that my advice about idols is wrong, and it is not that due to my advice, your idols are better benny, but when I see you in your idols At that time, you did not agree with your idols. You tried to make yourself better and that was the reason for your success. The day you agreed with your work and you also accepted that there is no scope to get better, your desire to move forward stopped. Logs always expect better from you and this is the reason that now you are no longer praised for your idols and not much money is paid for them. ”

The son remains silent for a while, then he asks, “So what should I do now?” ”

The father replied, “Learn to be ashamed, believe that there is always room for you to be better.” This is the one thing that will always inspire you to get better, will always make you better. “