Importance of truth panchatantra stories in english

panchatantra stories in english

Panchatantra stories in english  –  A boy named Munna lived in a Vikas Sheel village.

Munna was survived by his mother, father and grandmother.

One day Munna is talking to her grandmother sitting in her house.

Munna:-  Dadi, why is Dad so bitter.

Grandmother :- (Hastened) Mad He loves you very much.

Munna: – You will only favor them.

Grandmother: – (laughing) Your mother also favors you.

Both laugh at this matter. That’s when Munna’s mother comes.

Mother: – What is the matter, what is going on among the grandchildren, which is the sound of laughing so loudly.

Grandmother: – Let him be among you. You son, do your talk.

Mother: – (laughing) That’s right.

Everyone laughs at this matter. After listening to the laughing voice of everyone, Munna’s father also reaches there.

Father: – What has happened that everyone is laughing so much?

Mother: – Nothing, just laughing at Munna’s words like this.

Father: – You keep joking like this, go and study.

Munna: – But Dad

Father: – No one else but go and study. Do whatever you want after the exam, but pay attention to studies now.

Munna gets up and goes to her room and sits down to read. Days like this are passed and Munna’s exam is over.

His friends are talking in the school verandah. Munna also gets involved in his talk.

Munna: – Hey guys, today’s plan is ready.

First friend: – Everything is ready. Today we will finish our work.

Munna: – There will be no mistake of any kind.

First friend: – There is no scope for mistake, we have prepared everything very well.

Munna: – Okay, let’s do this today.

As soon as the school bell rings, all the children run away and go to their class. After which they all sit and study in peace.

After the end of the class after some time, when all the children are running out of the class, then Munna and his friends stop a child with them.

Munna: – Listen, Rajan, we have to talk to you.

Rajan: – What do you do with me?

Second friend: – We want to befriend you, for which we have also brought your heart like laddu.

Rajan: – It is so, so be it.

The four shake hands with each other and arrive at the school door eating laddus, where a big car is parked.

Rajan: – Good friends, my car arrived and I go. See you tomorrow.

Saying this, Rajan sits in his car and leaves.

After which the other three friends look at each other and start laughing.

First friend: – It seems that this scheme will definitely work.

Munna: – Now it will be known what is the result of enmity with us.

After this, they all move towards their respective homes.

Rajan in his house.

Rajan: – What have I done to all of them that they do not like me so much? They are enjoying me very much by feeding me Jamal, but I also will not sit silent.

After this Rajan keeps coming in and out of the washroom all day and cursing Munna and his friends.

The next day, as soon as Rajan reaches school, Munna and his friends are seen waiting for him at the school gate, seeing that Rajan quickly gets down from the car and rushes to all of them running away.

Rajan: – Why did you do this to me? Man, you had made friends with all my heart.

Munna: – We do not want to be friends of anyone, especially not of a cottage.

Munna and his friends go to class with him. Rajan also moves towards the class behind them. Everyone studies well in class.

After the holiday bell rings, as the children start going out, Rajan stops the way of Munna and his friends.

Rajan: – You all know that my father is a con, yet you did this to me.

Munna: – Well, you will complain to your policeman’s father, okay go and make a complaint, we are not afraid of anyone.

First friend: – Do not complain in truth or else its father is not known, but my father will beat me a lot.

Second friend: – What are you saying, Munna, if he complained to his father really about us

First friend: – Yes, Munna will be very much beaten by everyone, we should apologize to him.

Munna: – But this too was very bad with me, then no one asked to apologize to him.

Listening to Munna, Rajan is completely shocked.

Rajan: – What have I done?

Munna: – Look, the drama is going on as if it does not know anything.

Rajan: –  Yes, I do not know you tell me what the man has done.

Munna: – Listen, that day when the bell of the entire holiday rang at half time, you had complained to me to Mastrji.

(Rajan, Munna and his friends think about that day. What happened that day after all.)

(That day in the past tense…

(Master: – Who is this mischief, who has done all this.

Rajan: – Masterji Munna has done, when I went out after ringing the bell, Munna Hai was standing near the bell.

Munna: – No, this man did not.

Masterji: – First of all, when you are satanic then you will be punished as soon as you speak falsely

Munna: – (crying) No Masterji, I did not do anything, leave me, Masterji I did not do any mischief, you believe my point, I did not do anything.)

in present…

Munna: – Only because of you, I was punished for the mischief that I did not do, no one trusted me, father too has given me a lot of data because of you.

Listening to Munna, Rajan is stunned. He is listening to Munna with surprise and speaks while answering him.

Rajan: – Believe me, Munna, I did not do all that life.

Munna: – I have come first in the exam this time, so you are jealous of me, then how can I assume that you did not do all this on purpose.

Rajan: – After ringing the bell, as soon as everyone came out, I saw you standing near the bell, so I thought that you have done all that, and then on Mastrji’s asking, I said what I saw but after that I came to know that You did not do that mischief, on which I also came to apologize to you, but you were so angry with me that you did not listen to me.

Munna: – I still don’t believe in you, you are very big.

Rajan: – Why should I lie, I believe this is my fault and I apologize to you for that too, forgive me.

After listening to Rajan and seeing his face, Munna gets confidence in him and he forgives her, after which they all become good friends and start living together forever.

Moral: – We learn from this story that one should never be accused without knowing the whole truth.


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