The rabbit and the Tortoise Panchatantra Story for kids

Rabbits and monkeys were very good friends, they used to play themselves every day and sometimes ran. Seeing them, the tortoise too would feel like running.

No one liked playing with the turtle because he walked very slowly.

One day the rabbit and the monkey were running, when the turtle felt like running to see them.

Where are the turtles “Why don’t you guys play with me? I need to play with you too. Feed me with you too.”

The rabbit and monkey started laughing loudly after listening to the turtle. The rabbit did not say “How do you run so slowly, tell me”

The tortoise still wanted to race with them, so he said “It means that I will lose and you will win, so why are you afraid of me”

Hearing the turtle, the rabbit gets excited and says, “OK, that’s okay, come on, I’ll run with you, and let the monkey tell you who wins.” “

The monkey said, “Well, before the end of the day, the one who comes back after circling the river will win, but the first person who walks around the circle will win.” “

The race started, the turtle slowly started moving towards the river and on the other side the rabbit had already half-circled the river in a while.

The turtle thought, “It is impossible to win from me, that poor turtle will be far behind, let me rest for a while.” “

The rabbits slept under the tree, but the tortoise continued to walk the whole river and won.

The monkey was surprised to see the turtle circling the river and coming back first.

The rabbit was defeated due to his pride and the turtle won with confidence.

Lesson: – We should never boast.