Panchatantra story of farmer and cow for children

The farmer and the cow story

Once upon a time, when one lived in a small village, a farmer named Dharmapala cultivated the crop himself, growing the crop.

He also had some animals, such as chickens, goats, pigs, and a big cow, which he liked very much. She loved the cow a lot because she used to give a lot of milk every day.

Most of Dharampal’s income was derived from cow’s milk. So he wanted the cow to always be healthy.

One day Dharmapala was working on his farm, so his son came to him crying, Bap- Bapu come quickly “What happened son”, perhaps cows are sick, lying on the ground, and making a strange sound, Neither is giving milk.

The farmer and his son immediately went towards the house, and it was seen that they looked very sick, even if they tried to extract milk, the milk did not come out.

Farmers are very worried, cow if it does not give milk, what will I do, without milk, it is useless for me, every time I do not have time for medicine and care, I have to do something or get rid of it Will have to drink.

The farmer felt that now the cow would not be able to recover, so he stood and walked towards the forest, the cow had given him a lot of milk, and now it was useless for him, the farmer left the cow open as soon as he went inside the forest, And went from there.


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The poor woman stood alone and helpless, after a while she started to fear the forest and started to find a way to get out from there, started to gather her courage, after a long time she reached the open place, suddenly she saw a small house,

And quickly started walking towards her, on reaching home she fainted from exhaustion and fell near the door.

It was the home of a poor man “Madhu”. Madhu came out of the house early in the morning, so he saw the cow at the door, the cow looked very sick,

And he was very sad to see this, he called his wife for help .. ” listen, this cow is very ill Have to take care of it “, I have some grass and rice, which it can eat.

Madhu brought all the food he had saved and placed a wet cloth on the head of their cow.

Both Madhu and his wife served the cow for many days, and gradually Gaya’s health started recovering, soon, the cow started moving on its own. Madhu used to talk and feed him every day.

Madhu was also very fond of cows. One day, while Madhu was cleaning outside her house, cows came in front of her, slammed her feet, and stood up.

Madhu did not understand at first, then she thought that maybe she wants to give milk, then she brought the pot and started extracting milk. Seeing so much milk, Madhu jogged happily, soon he showed his wife.

Look what has happened today Today, Gau Mata has given milk to earn good money by selling it. It has turned into a law, the Karmas have heard our prayers.

Okay, you go, and sell it and get money, today we will have a party. So Madhu Gaya Bazaar, and earned good money by selling milk, he thanked God.

From that day he started selling milk, and soon he became famous for his pure milk. Now the villagers just needed their milk.

For which he used to pay a good amount. The news of this came to Dharampal, “How dare I steal my cow”, now he is earning good money from him, I will go back to him now, he is my cow.

Dharmapala went to Madhu’s house “I have heard, my wife is with you, and you are selling her milk”, it is not yours, give it back to me.

Madhu “This is not true, the cow was very sick and was about to die, you did not take care of it properly, I fixed it, it is mine, you cannot take the cow back”.



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