Golden egg। Panchatantra story with moral

Golden egg। Panchatantra story with moral

There was a man in a village and he used to trade eggs. He also had a very large chickens farm. There were many chickens in it.

Every three men used to take care of all the chickens in the poultry farm and would send whatever eggs came to the market.

One day he was going on the road and he showed a hen.

The hen was very thirsty and hungry, picked up the hen and brought it home and started rearing the hen with great love.

Gradually the chicken became healthy and the man started taking care of that chicken very much.

Like every film, he came to his farm and stared at the egg given to that chicken. There was a golden egg at that place.

Every day after that day, the chicken gave a golden egg. Taking that egg, the man started buying all the things needed.

In a few days, he bought a big house and a lot of cow bullock carts.

A month later there was nothing left to buy in his house. So, due to greed in his mind, a bad thought came.

He fell into that village and thinking of becoming the richest man in the whole world.

The next day he went to the farm and saw that you saw a single golden egg, then his heart was filled with greed.

Now that man starts thinking, “He cannot become the greatest man with an egg every day, why don’t I cut this chicken and remove all the eggs once and I will become very rich in this world.” “

The man greedily cuts off the hen’s stomach. If seen by cutting, there was no egg in it.

Now, when he cuts the stomach of a chicken, he is sad to not get a single egg and he thinks in his mind, “What has happened? There was not a single egg in the stomach of this chicken, what should I do now”

The man realizes his mistake and thinks “my greed caused a great loss”.

Lesson: –  There is always loss due to greed.


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