The Persian Trader Akbar Birbal Story in English

Once upon a time in the court of King Akbar

Man Singh: – A businessman from Hazur, Iran wants to meet you.

Raja Akbar: – Well, Mr. Man Singh. Allowed.

The courtiers sounded.

Courtiers: – Shamsher Singh, appearing in the court.

Shamsher Singh moving to the court.

Shamsher Singh: – Adaab Huzoor….

King Akbar: –  Khushmadid, have you heard that you have come from Iran, how do you like it, hope you will like it.

Shamsher Singh: –  Excuse me, Hazur, this is the first time I have come, so far I have been ruined after coming this far.

Raja Akbar began to ask Shamsher Singh in surprise.

King Akbar: – How ruined… what? What is the problem?

Shamsher Singh: – Huzoor, I was bringing some goods from Iran that cost 500 gold asharfis, some fabulous clothes and some very good artisan samples.

Asking King Akbar.

King Akbar: – So what is the problem with this. Did you not get the price you wanted?

Shamsher Singh: – No, Hazur, the problem is not that when I was coming from Iran, I also met an Indian businessman who was moving back to India by selling his goods from Iran. He allowed me to load the goods on his ass.

King Akbar: – Okay, tell me next.

Shamsher Singh: – After reaching Hazur, Agra, he refused to return my goods to me, saying that the goods belonged to him, which he has brought from Iran to trade in India. Now I have some goods which I have sold Hey i can go back to my house

King Akbar: – This is a matter of great shame.

King Akbar: –  We will settle this matter. Do you know who that man is?

Shamsher Singh: – Yes, my name is Dilawar and I know his address.

Raja Akbar: – Soldiers, immediately go to the address of Samasher Singh and bring it to Dilawar.

After Dilavar was produced in court.

Dilavar: – Adaab Hazur.

King Akbar: – Tell me, do you go to this person?

Dilawar:  – Yes Hazur, this is Shamsher Singh from Iran.

King Akbar: –  So you know it, tell me why did you cheat with it?

Dilawar: – No, yes, I do not know, I have no

I did not dishonestly, that stuff was my own. When I was returning from Iran, it came to me and requested to come with me to India, it wanted to see India and it did not know the way, I was returning from Iran with the goods, so I thought why not.

Samasher Singh:  – No, Hazur, he said that he has lost all his money in gambling, he had no goods and started giving me his donkey at a low rent saying that you will also be helped and I will also go to my house Will get money for

Dilawar: –  No, it’s a bit of a lie. I just took it with me on my journey. The stuff is my own. When we arrived in Agra, I started saying that all the goods belonged to it and threatened me that if I did not pay it, it would be in the court. I will complain falsely.

King Akbar was furious.

Raja Akbar: – Enough is enough, Shamsher Singh, if that stuff is yours, then you will recognize that stuff and if you do not understand that stuff then Dilawar is telling the truth

Samasher Singh: – Yes.

Dilawar: –  (At the same time) No, Hazur.

King Akbar: – What do you mean, why don’t you allow your belongings to be identified.

Dilawar: – Huzoor, when we were coming towards India, Shamsher showed interest in the goods and I had shown it all my stuff. It will not hurt to recognize the same.

Shamsher Singh: – No, Hazur, it showed interest in my luggage and I showed it to me.

Dilawar: – This man is lying. You can ask my servant that he was with me and he will not lie in front of you.

Shamsher Singh: –  No, Hazur, his servant is also mixed with it, he will also speak falsely, it must have included him in his equipment as well. I do not have any evidence against it, but I am telling the truth, now you can help me.

After thinking about King Akbar.

King Akbar: – Birbal, I think you can now solve this problem and find out the real criminal.

Birbal: –  Yes, I am sure I will resolve this matter as soon as possible.

King Akbar: – What are you waiting for? Get the matter resolved as soon as possible.

Birbal: – Yes, I need a little time, in 1-2 days, the criminal will be in front of you, I am absolutely sure.

Raja Akbar: – Ok Birbal, if you want some time, then we will wait, till then Shamsher Singh, you will be our guest, remember if you are proved to be guilty then you will have to stay here as a guest for a long time in captivity. .

Shamsher Singh: –  I can understand that.

King Akbar: – And the matter of Dilawar, he cannot go out of the city till now, till this matter is resolved.

Dilawar: –  As you wish. I am not afraid of anything, just told the truth.

 We hope you will find out who is the criminal among these two.

Birbal: – Thank you very much, I am sure that I will be able to present the criminal in front of you in a day or two.

King Akbar was on his way out of the court.

( next day )

King Akbar: – It is said that Birbal has not yet reached the court.

Moving towards Birbal Durbar.

Birbal: – Adab Jahanpahan….

King Akbar: –  You said, have you come to know anything of the perpetrator?

Birbal: –  Yes, I have come to know who the perpetrator is and I can prove it.

Raja Akbar happily: –  Oh very well, tell Birbal who is a liar.

Birbal: –  Yes Jahanpanah Dilawar lies and Baiman too, Shamsher Singh is telling the truth.

King Akbar: – (surprised) Dilawar, we thought that Dilawar was telling the truth, he has his own shop, so he will do dishonesty, are you sure? How did you know

Birbal: – Jahapanah, yesterday evening I and Man Singh went to Dilavar’s shop to see his servant (Sukhiram) leaving the shop and we went silent and followed him to the dhaba.

The businessmen, friends of Jaipur and the owner of the dhaba were talking to each other on the dhaba.

The owner of the dhaba: – Come sit, have you come to Agra for the first time?

Merchant of Jaipur: – Yes, we have come to Agra from Jaipur for the first time. Actually, we have come to get some Iranian workmanship and can be brought back to Jaipur and sell it, can you tell who will get the Iranian workmanship on it?

Hearing this, Sukhiram got excited and started talking to the businessman of Jaipur.

Dilawar’s servant (Sukhiram): – Sorry, Hazur, I heard you talking about Iranian workmanship.

Merchant of Jaipur: – Can you tell us about some Iranian Kari merchants?

Dilawar’s servant (Sukhiram): My name is Sukhiram. I work with a multi-millionaire businessman. His name is Dilawar. He has returned from Iran a few days ago with some fine workmanship.

Jair’s businessman to Khusi: – This is a very good thing, can you show us that stuff right now.

Sukhiram: –  Yes, of course, accompany me.

Sukhiram, a businessman from Jaipur and his friend, moving towards the silver shop with him

On reaching Dilawar’s shop, Sukhiram tells the businessman and friend of Jaipur to stay for a few moments.

Sukhiram: – Wait a few moments, if they are not too busy, I will introduce them to you as soon as possible.

Merchant of Jaipur: – Definitely hurry.

After Sukhiram goes inside the shop

From Sukhiram Dilawar: At the dhaba I just met a businessman, he is looking for some Iranian workmanship and wants to buy.

Dilawar: – Very well, Sukhiram, he has said that.

Sukhiram: – I have asked him to stay outside. If you say that I should call them inside.

Dilawar: – Sure, why not ?

Sukhiram takes a businessman and friend of Jaipur and goes inside.

Sukhiram: – It has come to know that you have very good workmanship, can we see it now?

Dilawar: – Of course, Sukhiram bring all the goods.

After seeing the merchant of Jaipur and his friends, they exchanged their views.

Merchant of Jaipur: – What price do you want in front of all these.

Dilawar:  – You will buy all the goods, we will give you the value of all these items as 1000 gold asharfis.

Merchant of Jaipur: – We do not think that all these goods are of the best kind, we can give only half the price of these saree items, only 500 gold asharfis.

Dilawar: –  Half the price, (surprisingly) this half is not of Bahrain variety.

The merchant of Jaipur and his friends after closely examining the goods.

Businessman of Jaipur: –  Actually, my friend is seeing something wrong with these things, now we will be able to give only 300 gold Ashpuris of all these items. Now the decision is on you.

Dilawar: –  Well, 300 Ashrafiyya is right.

Merchant of Jaipur: –  The deal is approved. Tomorrow morning you will come with money and take all these things.

Birbal told all this story to Akbar but King Akbar could not understand all these things.

King Akbar: – Just explain how these things will prove that Dilavar is lying.

Birbal: – Ship, no businessman will accept his goods so quickly.

Or would I be willing to take the price for such a quick work, I only understood that this stuff is not for Dilawar and is willing to take any cost for these goods.

King Akbar: –  (Thinking deeply) You are right.

Birbal: –  When I believe that Dilawar is lying, we scare Dilawar’s servant by telling him to lie and spew the truth from him, now he is ready to give a witness against Dilawar.

After hearing all the testimony, the king became angry at the newspaper.

King Akbar: –  To be introduced to Samasher and Dilawar.

After presenting Shamsher Singh and Dilavar to the court.

King Akbar: –  (From Dilavar) You must be ashamed of a man who cheated on your help. We sentence you to imprisonment for a whole year and in order to harass Shamsher Singh, 500 gold ashramis will have to be paid as fine. Take away the soldiers from our point of view.

Shamsher Singh: – Thank you Hazur….

Raja Akbar: – Thank you Birbal who proved the brilliance of Dilawar with his wonderful style

She started being the same of King Akbar in the court.

Sehenshah Akbar Hail….

Sehenshah Akbar Hail….