The prayer of poor man। cartoon story for kids

Cartoon story for kids – There lived a boy in a village named Sarangpur, his name was Kumar.

Kumar, who lived in Sarangpur, now started going to college. Kumar was in studies today, but he had a bad habit, because of which his mother, father used to be worried and that habit was to disturb anyone unnecessarily and enjoy it.

Kumar’s parents would repeatedly ask him to improve his habit, but Kumar would put it off daily or saying that he would improve his habit when he grew up.

One day Kumar’s maternal grandfather comes to meet Kumar. Nanaji knew Kumar since childhood, was also aware of his habits, but he knew that Kumar would definitely improve one day.

One day, Kumar and his maternal grandfather go to the temple, as soon as they reach the temple, they see that the temple is completely empty, outside there is a pair of shoes near the stairs, maybe a man has gone inside.

Kumar wants to have fun.


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Kumar says to Nanaji, “Nanaji, if we hide these shoes somewhere, how much fun it will be”

Nana ji says “But why son what is the use of this to you? “

Kumar says “Anand Nanaji Anand, think Nana ji how much fun we will have when that man gets upset for his shoes. “

Nana ji understands that this is the right time to give a good lesson to Kumar and he says “Kumar does something different today and let’s see what happens”.

Nanaji gives 6 coins of ₹ 10 to Kumar and asks him to keep 3 coins in each of the shoes of the man.

Kumar tells Nana ji “Nana ji, this will harm you”.

Nana ji lovingly says “Let’s see, there may be benefit too”.

Nana ji and Kumar sit on the stairs a short distance away and wait for the man.

After a while the man comes out, his condition looks very bad.

Kumar says “This man is feeling very hungry and thirsty Nana ji is probably in trouble. “

The poor man comes out and starts wearing his shoes, only then he realizes the coins inside the same shoes. He comes out the coins and sees that 3 coins come out in his shoes, that man starts thinking “What is this 3 coins of ₹ 10, where did they come from, no one is seeing here”

Then he puts his foot in another shoe, then he gets ₹10 and 3 coins. The man starts crying with joy and thanks God.

The man happily leaves from there. Nanaji looks at Kumar and Kumar’s eyes fill with tears.

Tanaji asks Kumar “Why Kumar now tell me if you had hidden the shoes of that poor man, you would have got more happiness or now you got more happiness by helping that poor man. “

Kumar says “I understand what you want to say Nana ji, now I will never make such a mistake. “

Lesson:- We should always help the needy people, our fun may cost someone, but our small help can also bring great happiness in someone’s life.



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