Saint or Villain Akbar Birbal Story in English

One night in the kingdom of King Akbar…

A soldier: –  I apologize for hurting you this time.
But I had to talk to you.

King Akbar: – Say that. Wow .

Soldier: –  This is about my niece. His parents were killed by a bandit a few months ago.

Raja Akbar: –  (thinking very carefully about the soldiers) Very bad happened. Tell me ahead

Soldier: –  She says that the monk is living under the guise of a robber and he has killed his parents. She is only ten years old, Huzur. But I think she is telling the truth.

King Akbar: –  Well, it is time for us to sleep but tomorrow morning bring it to the court, we will look into it.

Soldier: – Good morning ship, I apologize again for hurting you. (Saying this, the soldier goes out of King Akbar’s room.)

The next morning at the court of King Akbar, King Akbar orders Sukhdev Singh to arrest all the bandits. After capturing all the bandits.

Raja Akbar: – Birbal, Sukhdev Singh Ji, one of our trusted soldiers told us a problem last night.

Birbal: –  Tell me, Hazur, how can we help you, and what is the problem, Hazur.

From Akbar Sukhdev Singh: Sukhdev Singh, we have entrusted you with the task of arresting all the dacoits in our state and all around. The soldier told that the robber killed his brother a few months ago. Tell me, have you arrested all the dacoits?

Sukhdev Singh: – (hesitating) Huzur, we managed to catch almost all the dakuos, except one robber we could not catch, his search is still going on and he is probably hiding. I am sure that we will arrest him soon too. Anyway, there has been no such incident in the last three months.

King Akbar: – You mean a bandit is still free?

Birbal: – Huzoor, tell me the problem, maybe we can help.

King Akbar: –  That soldier told us that his niece has identified the robber and he is hiding in the guise of a blind monk. How can we trust a little girl and many people trust the power of that monk.

Birbal: –  Any magician who lures poor naive people with his miracles through his illusion. We can find out when we get a little information. Why don’t we meet that soldier and his niece and listen to their story.

King Akbar: –  Yes, we were also thinking the same. The soldier, Dilawar Singh and his niece should be introduced in the court.

Dilawar Singh and his niece headed towards the court…

Dilawar Singh and his niece to King Akbar: –  Adab Jahanpahan Adab…

King Akbar: – Now tell us the whole story.

Dilawar Singh: –  Jahanpahan, about three months ago a robber entered my brother’s house. He killed my brother and his wife. This little girl is their daughter and the witness of that incident also caused heavy shock since that incident. The power to speak was lost.

King Akbar: –  Then what happened.

Dilawar Singh: –  A few weeks ago, I heard about a blind monk who lives in the forest. Those who have the power to cure people, many patients would have been cured after meeting them and would have been relieved, I thought that if they are involved in such a thought, then maybe they can cure my niece too. So I went with him to meet my blind niece and meet the blind monk. As we approached them, my niece shouted loudly, “Khooni, the murderer, this is what killed my parents.” This is a bloody murderer. “

Devotees of the blind monk: – (surprised) What is this girl speaking. Shut it up

Dilawar Singh: – It was a miracle, after the death of its parents, it did not say a word for months. She started speaking again with the power of Sadhu Maharaj.

Dilawar’s niece: No .. no…, this is a murderer, I can never forget this face, this is not a monk. It is bloody.

Devotee: –  You make her mouth shut, she is begging our sage Maharaj, who has returned her voice to it.

Blind monk: –  No… no…, let it be a little girl, she is in a lot of shock.

Dilawar Singh: –  You should not talk like this about Sadhu Maharaj, he has returned your voice.

Dilawar’s niece: – This monk has not opened.

Blind monk: – You take it from here, otherwise I will take its voice back from it.

Dilawar: –  Forgive this. Sadhu Maharaj does not know what he is saying. Come on, otherwise you will lose your voice again. (Saying this, Dilawar silenced his niece and took her with him)

Dilawar: – Jahanpaah, I took it home. But now she is insisting that she was the same face and she is telling the truth. I also believe that we do not have any evidence on Hazur.

Raja Akbar: – (Thinking deeply, he says) But how will it prove that this girl is telling the truth.

Birbal: – Huzoor, we can find out whether this man is a true blind monk or a hypocrite. Can i talk to you

Birbal reveals his plan to King Akbar.

King Akbar: –  Hmm .., okay. We ourselves will go tomorrow and meet the monk.

King Akbar goes out of court.

The next day King Akbar goes to meet the blind monk with some of his soldiers.

Devotee: – Emperor Akbar Alive After Emperor Akbar Alive.

King Akbar: – Salutations Sadhu Maharaj

Blind Sage: –  Come Beta.

King Akbar: –  We have heard so much about your power and miracles that we had to come.

Blind monk: –  This is not a belief, it is a matter of faith, believe in the power of the one above and anything can happen.

Raja Akbar: –  This is your greatness, Sadhu Maharaj, we have come to offer some prasad and want your blessings.

Blind monk: – Our blessings are with you.

Then Birbal arrives with Dilawar and his niece, taking the sword.

Birbal: – This is that dishonest, bloody I will cut my head right now and kill the murderer. (Saying sword strikes blind monk)

Then the blind monk also takes hold of Birbal to protect himself.

All the people present there go to the square after seeing the monk.

King Akbar: –  So you are blind yes. The soldiers arrest this fake monk.
You have orphaned this innocent baby girl and have played with the trust and sentiments of the people. For this, we hear you to death. Take this man.

King Akbar: –  You have bravely supported the truth bravely, my girl, you will be rewarded for this.

Dilawar and Dilawar’s niece: Thank you Jahanpahan.

King Akbar: –  Thank you Birbal who supported the imposter monk.

Birbal: –  No, Hazur, no one will naturally protect themselves if they are not really blind, so they were caught.