Two cats and a monkey Panchatantra Story with moral

There were two cats in the city, they both played together and roamed together. Both used to fight a lot to eat.

Both were very expert in stealing whenever the door of someone’s house was left open, they would immediately go and drink milk from the kitchen.

Once, both of them were wandering around to find food, suddenly on the way they see roti in front of a house.

Seeing the bread lying on the way, the first cat says, “This is such a delicious bread. I have made arrangements to eat.” “

The second cat had seen the bread lying on the way and on hearing the first cat, he got angry and he said, “What did you say?” This bread is mine, I saw it before, now go from here. “

Hearing this, the cat also gets angry at first and she says, “Do you always eat others’ food, get snatched away from others? Here it is my roti. “

The two cats start fighting over this and the other cat also turns back and answers, “Don’t fool me, this bread is mine, greedy.” “

Both cats fight fiercely for a loaf.

Then his friend the monkey comes there. The monkey says, “What a quarrel over such a thing, I cut the bread in half, you both eat it.” “

Both cats agree with the monkey’s talk and he says, “Yes, the monkey will be of great help to me, so I always fight with me.” “

To solve the problem of both of them, the monkey sneaks inside a house and brings a scale from there, the monkey divides the bread into two pieces and puts one side of the scales.

The monkey cleverly breaks the bread so that the bread on one side remains large and the other side is small.

Now on the scales when the monkey holds part of both loaves. Due to having large roti on one side and small roti on one side, the scales are tilted on one side.

Now to make both sides of the scales equal, the monkey breaks the big bread and eats it. But then the scales are bent again because the bread is not equal on both the sides of the scales.

Now the monkey slices big bread and then eats it.

Just like that, the clever monkey eats whole bread little by little and both cats start banging it.

Now there is not even a piece of bread left on the scales, seeing the first cat says, “What have we done? This clever monkey ate all our loaves little by little. “

The other cat also says, “Somebody has rightly said that there is nothing to do with any quarrel with anyone. Better then we both would have eaten this bread by sharing it.” “

Lesson: – We should never fight among ourselves. The battle of two always has the advantage of the third.


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