Jalebi man story with moral lesson

Lalu used to live in a village. Lalu used to make Jalebi and Rage would have a line of Jalebi eaters at Lalu’s shop from morning to evening.

Even people from far away villages used to come to eat his jalebi.

Lalu was very happy in his life with his fame.

Once a man was eating Jalebi in Lalu’s shop, Jalebi had liked that man.

The man said to Lalu Jalebi, “Lalu, why don’t you make creamy rabri along with Jalebi, Jalebi is famous for you, and if Rabri had become one, then the crowd of people would have increased.” ”

Jalebi people used to come to make Jalebi only.

Lalu said, “Brother, I only know how to make jalebi. ”

The man said, “If you want, then you keep a confectioner. If you can’t find the pastry then I can mix you with a pastry tomorrow, which makes very good creamy rabri.” ”

Lalu is keenly listening to the man thinking that “his jalebi is being sold and if a rabri maker comes along, his shop will become more famous and the work should be increased.” ”

The next morning the man introduces the Rabri making confectioner to Lalu and the work of making Rabri also starts.

Now both Jalebi and Rabri started selling at Lalu’s shop. Every customer started tasting both. There was a desire to eat Rabri with Jalebi and customers also liked Rabri along with Jalebi.

Jalebi and Rabri tasted a lot to customers.

Gradually the Rabri one also learns to make Jalebi with Lalu.

A few days pass. One day Rabriwala comes to Lalu and says, “I am going to the city for a few days to get some stuff.” ”

The next morning, Lalu’s shop gets crowded with customers.

Just looking at Jalebi in Lalu’s shop, customers started asking Lalu “Brother Lalu, are you not making Rabri today?” ”

Lalu said, “The confectioner making the rabri has been preserved for some work, it will come in a few days. ”

On hearing Lalu’s words, customers leave from there.

Gradually, Lalu’s customers stop coming to the shop and Lalu gets worried.

Just then, a customer sees Lalu in worry and comes to his shop and asks Lalu, “What happened, Lalu Bhai, you seem very worried?” ”

Lalu says, “What can I tell brother, today my jalebi is not sold and today it has been 6 days, Rabri Wala has not come. ”

The customer gets confused after listening to Lalu.

To allay Lalu’s concern, the customer gives him Jalebi and Rabri from a nearby village and says, “Taste this creamy rabri and Jalebi, look at Lalu Bhai I have brought from a nearby village.” ”

Lalu eats Jalebi and he recognizes the taste of Jalebi.

Lalu eats Jalebi and gets into thinking and says, “This Jalebi and Rabri are made just like us.” ”

Lalu tells that customer, “Brother, can you tell me this, from whose shop did Jalebi bring it?” ”

Then Lalu goes to another village and sees that the same confectioner who was at his shop is making Rabri and Jalebi at another shop today.

And there the other man who introduced him to the confectioner is making jalebi.

Seeing this, Lalu is shocked and realizes that together they made Lalu’s owl and attracted all the customers eating Jalebi.

Lesson:- Never stop believing on a stranger, you should always trust with understanding.