Snake’s Panchatantra story in English

Once upon a time, a snake lived in a bill on a tree. He used to eat frogs and birds. He used to rest during the day and hunt at night. A few days later that snake became big.

And he could not enter that bill, so he thought that he would change his place now. The snake went to the forest, searching for his new house, he saw a big bill on a banyan tree.

Under that tree was the hill of ant, the snake came near the tree and said, From now on I will stay at this place, all of you leave this place and leave immediately.

All the animals and birds that lived near that tree were very scared, but there was no effect on the ants,, because that hill they had made from the great hardwork.

All the Cheetahs gathered together and surrounded the snake from all sides, And biting him, the snake was very much pained. And he started running away screaming, after that the snake never came back. And all the animals and birds started living there comfortably.