True friend good story about friendship

True friend good story about friendship

Varun and Dhawan were good friends. Varun was the son of Vegeta Wale and Dhawan Shaukar’s son. Both used to go to school together. Both were also good in studies.

First comes in Dhaval Vidyalayal and Varun comes second. Dhawal was rich but there was no boasting of this. Dhawal had a flaw in his nature, he used to get angry very quickly.

Once the result of the school examination comes, all the children of the class are surprised.

Teacher: – Every time Dhawal comes first in class and Varun is second but this time the result is unique. This year, Varun overtook Dhawal to finish first. We should congratulate him for his success.

All the children of the class congratulate Varun on his success. On one hand, Varun was happy with his success and on the other, Dhawal was not feeling defeated.

After class, Dhawal is sitting alone on the beach alone.

Varun:-  Dhawal, why are you sitting alone. Let’s go into the sea and look dupy.

Dhaval: – I do not want to talk to you, you have achieved the first position by deceit in the examination.

Varun: – What are you saying, Dhaval. You know, I never cheat.

Varun is saddened by this bitter talk of Dhawal and starts writing something on the sand.

Dhawal is ashamed of himself after reading the words written by Varun.

“Today Dhawal quarreled with me and called me a cheater”

Dhaval: – I did not fix it. Varun is a good friend, he will never cheat. He has finished first with his hard work. I should have congratulated him for his success like he always gave me to my success and I called him a fraud. Varun will never forgive me.

Dhawal is thinking that there was a stampede on the sea shore. Everyone started shouting loudly, “That child will drown, some save him, some save, some save.” “

Seeing Dhawal drowning his friend Varun, Dhawal rushes fast and starts moving towards Varun by leaping into the sea.

Varun: – Save, save, save me someone.

Dhawal: – I have come here friend.

That is when a group of maritime security guards reach them by taking the boat and boarding them safely in the boat.

Captain: – You have done a lot of bravery, kids.

Varun: – Thank you, friend, I will never forget your favor.

Dhaval: – Varun, I apologize to you, a while ago I got angry and called you very bad good.

Varun smiles and takes Dhawal to a large stone. Varun starts writing on that big stone.

Dhawal: – What are you writing, Varun, when I had a fight with you some time ago, you had written something on the sand and now why here?

Varun:- That is why we have to decide which memories and which memories we want to erase.

Dhaval: – Meaning, I did not understand anything.

Varun: – I have forgotten the bitter thing you said to me like the words written on that sand, but the words I am writing on this stone are not going to disappear easily because it is a good memory and I want to handle it. . Like the words written on these stones, now understand.

Dhaval: – Wow, what a great thing you said, I will always remember it.

Varun: – It is said that sometimes you should apologize to someone and sometimes you should forgive someone, only then the relationship becomes strong.

Dhaval: – You are my good friend, Varun.

Varun: – And you too, let’s go home now.

After this peak battle of Varun and Dhawan, the two become good friends once again and their friendship becomes stronger than ever.