Friend’s Story for kids with Moral

It was a long time ago.

There were two friends, both were very ill, so much that they could not even get up and both were admitted in the same room in the same hospital.

Only one of them was allowed to sit on the bed and sleep.

The bed was near a window in the room, another friend had to spend time behind him, on the ground below.

Those friends used to talk for hours, about their home family jobs.

In the afternoon, the friend who was sitting on the bed used to tell the friend lying beyond the ground about the nazaro seen from the window.

He slowly told him about everything that he saw.

While the other friend lying on the ground, he closed his eyes and thought all those things in his mind.

He used to draw all those things in his mind and imagine how he would look like.

And he felt as if he was living his life.

That friend used to tell him about the colorful views of the deaf world for an hour and the other friend would see those moments lying on the ground.

There was a park outside the window where there was a beautiful pond.

Ducks, geese were seen swimming in that pond, and small children made boats and swam in that pond.

Some young boys and girls were seen roaming there.

And some family used to sit nearby and look at the colors of the bow of Indra, while there were many trees in the field which looked very beautiful to see.

One afternoon the friend looked outside the window and told that a parade was passing from there.

So the other friend also heard the sound of the band’s parade.

Another friend was imagining the parade as he closed his eyes and was making a scene in the mind itself.

Likewise many days passed and many months also passed.

One morning, one day the nurse brought him hot water for his bath and found that one of the friend who was near the window had died while sleeping.

Seeing all this, the nurse was very sad and asked the hospital staff to take the corpse.

It seemed as if the other friend wanted to sit near the window and look at the thousands of friends he used to hear from his friend.

The nurse was happy to see this and supported the man and sat near the window and left him alone.

Gently the man tried to push himself towards the window so that he could get a glimpse of the colorful world.

He started looking for the window behind his bed, which his friend used to tell him about new stories and things everyday.

As soon as he turned to the back of the bed, he saw only the empty wall.

The man asked the nurse about the window, of which his friend used to look outside the window and tell him about the colorful scenes and stories.

The nurse understood the whole story and he replied that there was no window at all and yet he kept encouraging you so that you do not give up on life.

So friends will never come back today, always be a friend, keep people thick and protect your loved ones and try not to be disheartened by your words.


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