The story of monk’s blessing

The monk story – Many years ago 3 brothers used to live in a village. His parents passed away when he was very young.

For him, a small house, a little field and a mango tree were left behind by his parents.

Those three brothers used to earn their living by plucking mangoes from the mango tree and selling them, they had very little money, so they used to pass their days in the condition of poverty.

One day Sadhu Maharaj came to his village. That Sadhu Maharaj was ascetic and very powerful. These days the brothers heard about that monk that he is giving boons to everyone.

When those brothers heard, they decided that they would meet Sadhu Maharaj and ask him for a boon and improve their lives.

First the eldest brother went and met Sadhu Maharaj, made him happy in many ways, he had taken some mangoes from his tree, he offered that mango to Sadhu Maharaj.

Sadhu Maharaj ate those mangoes, the mangoes were very sweet. He was very happy and said, “Son, what do you want?”


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The elder brother would say, “I want many cows. “

Giving his blessings, Sadhu Maharaj said “Amastu”

When the elder brother returned home, he saw many cows in front of his house.

He was very happy after getting a boon from Sadhu Maharaj. After this, the second brother reached to Sadhu Maharaj, then offered him mango and bowed very politely.

Sadhu Maharaj is very happy to see the other brother bowing humbly and he asked “Ask what I want”.

The second brother would say, “Maharaj, my land is barren, make it fertile land, give such a boon that I can make a fertile crop from it.” “

Giving his blessings, Sadhu Maharaj said “Amastu”

What was just then turned into barren land. After that the third brother went to that sadhu Maharaj. He also served the Sadhu Maharaj with great enthusiasm.

Where did the third brother say to Sadhu Maharaj, “I need the blessings of a great man like you, Maharaja. “

Sadhu Maharaj was very impressed by his love and respect.

Sadhu Maharaj said “Okay, ask for whatever you want”.

The third brother said “Maharaj I was thinking that I should get married, show me the right girl”

Giving his blessings, Sadhu Maharaj said “Amastu”

When the third reached home, he saw that a beautiful girl was waiting for him to marry him. Both of them got married.

After a few days, Sadhu Maharaj went on a pilgrimage. Due to the boon of Sadhu Maharaj, those three brothers earned a lot of money in a very short time and their life improved.

After a few years, after finishing his pilgrimage, Sadhu Maharaj started returning, then he remembered the words of the three brothers.

Sadhu Maharaj thought “I don’t know how he is, is he using my blessings properly. Thinking of this, Sadhu Maharaj felt like meeting him.

That night Sadhu Maharaj stayed in a temple outside a village and came to the village early in the morning.

He decided to test the three brothers.

He assumed the form of a beggar and then reached the eldest brother’s house and shouted “Bhiksha aam dehi mata, donate some milk”.

Tabada brother came out of the house and gave the data to that beggar, “There is no other business, when look, they come to beg, did I get my house in the morning? Get out of your wretched gross.

Then Sadhu Maharaj came in his original form.

Sadhu Maharaj angrily “I gave a boon to a distant Chari like you that day, it was my mistake, your eyes have gone up on the head, so I take back my boon”

Saying this very angry Sadhu Maharaj left from there, after that the elder lost all his property and he became poor again.

After this, Sadhu Maharaj again took the form of a beggar and went to another brother’s house.

Sadhu Maharaj standing in the courtyard of the house shouts loudly “Give some rice in charity”.

Another brother came out from inside the house, he said, “Anyone is distributing free food here, isn’t there a shame in begging.” Well, the other brother drove Sadhu Maharaj away from there.

Sadhu Maharaj was very angry after hearing his words “I could not recognize me, it was my mistake to give you a boon, you do not deserve that boon, I take back your boon now.”

Saying this, he left from there. In the blink of an eye, all the property of the other brother also disappeared.

Then from there the monk reached the third brother’s house in the form of the same beggar.

It was evening and a cold wind was blowing when Sadhu Maharaj trembled, “It is very cold outside, sir, can you sleep on your doorstep for tonight”

Mishra Bhai came out and where “First you come inside the house”

Then he organized a well rested rest by taking him home and feeding him well.

Sadhu Maharaj was very happy. After waking up the sultan, he told his real form to the third brother, not only this, he blessed the wife living with love while helping everyone.

Not only this, on that night, Sadhu Maharaj left the village by asking him to go to the Peepal tree in the north direction.

That night the third brother along with his wife went to that tree and saw what was there was a pot full of gold coins. Then he brought it home.

He understood that all this was the blessings of Sadhu Maharaj.

After this, both of them used to spend their whole lives doing charity with great love.

Moral of the story : – By which the poor should be helped as much as possible.



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