Greedy watchman Story with moral lesson

The owner of the Taj Mahal, a stately palace in a city, was named Saxena.

A watchman named Saxena Manohar was hired.

Saxena used to visit him outside the city for his work, he used to stay in his villa for a few days.

Saxena was a very gentle and noble hearted person. Saxena was also very happy with the watchman’s service.

Saxena’s luxurious bungalows housed a variety of expensive paintings and sculptures. Manohar would go to the bungalow daily and clean the bungalow.

One day when Saxena goes out of town for a few days for some work, Manohar rents the bungalows.

This was not the first time that Manohar had hired a bungalow, Manohar had done this many times before. This was Manohar’s top earning and Saxena was not aware of this at all.

Time passed and seeing Manohar Saxena’s bungalows for hire and earning money and the demand to hire that villa also increased.

One day a man named Sharma arrives to take that bungalow to the fence.

Sharma: –  Watchman, you rent this bungalow.

Watchman: – Yes

Sharma ji: – My daughter is married. I want this bungalow for three days to be rented for my guests. What is the freight for a day.

Manohar becomes happy after listening for three days.

Watchman: – Although 1 day is 10,000, but if you stay together for 3 days, then in total, 25000.

Sharma: – Ok, now we have to give so much of this luxurious bungalow.

Sharma ji promises to give the rest later, seeing Manohar at 15000 advances.

Manohar becomes silver by giving so much money.

A few days later Mr. Sharma returned and he also gave the remaining 10,000 to Manohar. Mr. Sharma was accompanied by some of his guests.

Manohar showed the bungalow to the guest and asked him to take care of the precious things there. The guest stayed in that bungalow for 3 days.

There used to be some function in the bungalows every night. Three days later all the guests went away one by one.

Manohar was happy as he got a lot of money. Manohar, as usual, goes to clean the bungalow.

As soon as Manohar went inside the bungalow, he saw that all the valuables in that bungalow were missing. He panicked and wept, Manohar Manan started contemplating, “What was that painting and where did that gold idol all disappear, sir, all of them brought from the phone, what will I do now.” If the police is compliant, sir will know everything what I have done.

Manohar got caught in his own greed.

Lesson: – We should never be lured.


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