Two Friends and a bear Story with moral

Both Golu and Monu were very good friends.

Golu was a very shy and timid boy and Monu was very naughty and courageous.

One day, both of them thought that they would go to a nearby fair.

But Golu did not agree with this. Where did he go from Molu? Molu We have to pass through the nearby forest to reach the village fair. Are you not afraid? “

Monu said, “Don’t worry, Golu, we will do nothing, all the creatures of the forest are my friends, let’s do nothing with me.” “

Soon he reached the forest. Golu came along with Molu, but there was a lot of horror as the frightening sound of the forest frightened him further.

Golu did not fear, so started singing the song Molu.

After a while, he heard the sound of the bear behind him, now Molu also started trembling with fear.

Golu was already scared, now he was afraid to hear the sound of the bear and he asked Molu, “What was that?” “

Monu is also nervous and he is also scared and he replies, “She is a bear.” “

Saying this, he looked around and saw a tree. He ran quickly and immediately climbed the tree.

Golu could not understand what to do. Suddenly he thought of an idea and he lay down on the ground holding his breath.

The bear sniffed at him and thought he was dead. The bear went away.

Monu came down from the tree to Golu and asked Golu, “I saw that bear saying something in your ear. What did he say?” “

Golu replied “He said that I should be cautious and stay away from my mean friend like you.” “

Molu bowed his head in shame, then Golu said “Because you are my best friend, I forgive you this time but don’t make such mistake again.” “

Both friends walk towards the village.

Lesson :- It is a human habit to make a mistake, but it is a human’s ability to forgive.