Turtle master Panchatantra story in english

Panchatantra story in English –  Was an old man. The Ganges lived on the shore. They had built a hut. There was a throne in the hut, a pot of mud filled with water and they kept a turtle sail. If you used to ask for bread in the nearby township in the afternoon, then you would have also asked for some gram. They used to feed soaked gram to the tortoise.
One day someone asked – ‘What dirty creatures have you kept, throw it in Ganga ji’.

Baba Baba got very upset. He started saying – “You insult my Guru Baba?” Do not see how a person becomes jiggery after getting a sound or pulling all his organs inside with the simple touch of someone. No matter how much you stir – they will not move even one foot.

‘What has happened to this? He asked.

‘Why haven’t you gone! Human beings should also be careful in this way, greed – greed and crowds should blindfold them and do Ram-Ram.

The real thing is that they used to run into the hut on seeing someone and started saying ‘Ram-Ram’ loudly. Did not speak at the call of call. Today, I do not know how he was speaking.

The man said – ‘Whatever you are, it looks disgusting.’
Baba said – “What has happened with this? For his ultimate benefit, he is also loved with lowliness.”

He started calling the turtle on the hatli and started singing –
“Very lowly love your love, your ultimate interest.”